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I'm all about North Face's Base Camp bag (small size). After drooling over it for months, I splurged, and it has proven to be worth every penny.
It's carry on friendly sized. Coverts from a duffel bag to a back pack (avoiding the whole wheeled baggage thing - I hate wheels. They (or the handles) break, the get caught on things, they take up extra room in the overhead compartments, and trip you or your fellow passengers when you're in tight quarters.).
There's no compartmentalized fluff. Too many compartments hinders, not helps. I'd rather customize my own packing experience with shoe bags and plastic baggies any day.
The Base Camp is water resistant, darn near impossible to damage, lightweight, and easy to clean. It has made both short and international trips so much easier.

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7/25/13 09:06 AM

Not only is your apartment gorgeous, I love that your hobbies each have a space that is both incorporated in your overall theme, but not overwhelming the whole living area.
What are your rock rings suspended from?? I'm looking at different climbing workout stuff, and I love how yours are just chilling in the kitchen area.
As far as the storage bed idea, I say skip traditional storage and loft the bed in favor of skinny bike storage on either side and a bookcase in the middle. Maybe some jibs up the side to 'climb' into bed at night? :-P

In any case - you have my vote!!

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5/28/13 09:30 AM

I want to bake all of them!

Delicious Classics & New Favorites:
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12/18/12 11:13 AM

I just moved this past Saturday - and only had a week beforehand to pack up and prepare. Most valuable lessons from my bug out:

Tape screws to things you take apart, and then mark the tape according to step numbers for when you put things back together.
Command Strips are your friend. Multi-purpose cleaner and rags are your best friend.

I color coded rooms using post-it notes and got made fun of for it - but the move was so much easier without people asking every twenty seconds "Where would you like this?".

All this aside, I really don't recommend a week for a moving timeline. It was way stressful.

The Ultimate One-Month Moving Checklist: What to Do and When to Do It
12/18/12 10:15 AM

I've never considered myself a hipster, and I'm certainly NOT a guy, but I really want that ticket stub diary (I'm too lazy to scrapbook) and the whiskey barrel. And the light switch (though I'm thinking I might do a crazy DIY for that).

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12/10/12 06:20 PM

:: crosses fingers ::

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12/10/12 02:56 PM

Have to say, I love all the ideas that these things spark, and I'm certainly going to use the concepts moving into my new small (<500 sq ft) space next week (very excited!). But I'm not digging the price tags on this stuff - DIY, here I come!

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12/7/12 10:53 AM


Win: Bancroft Sofa by DwellStudio Holiday Giveaway
11/29/12 04:20 PM

I check back everyday to drool over this couch.

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11/29/12 04:20 PM


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11/29/12 04:19 PM

Rusty Nail. (What can I say? I'm a scotch girl.)

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11/15/12 08:54 AM

Stunning is the only word I can think of when I see this sofa. Yes, Please!

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11/14/12 01:46 PM

From Thailand to a three month long road trip to sleeping in the car on a road in Switzerland, I’ve found there are certain things that make adventuring easier.

Goo Tubes: Have you seen these things? Refillable, squishable, and pre-labeled they make taking my own shampoo with me easier and less messy. Plus, no more standing in the shower for five minutes waiting for the conditioner to slowly drip out of the cheap hotel bottles. (It’s worse than waiting for ketchup, I tell you!)

Noise blocking headphones: Noise cancelling for me would be ideal, but those are pricy and, frankly, a good seal between the headphone and my ear usually does the trick. My best friend got me a pair of Westone’s for my birthday and they are beyond superb. For airplane rides or ignoring that snoring co-traveler in the hostel bed nest to yours, headphones are a dream.

Keffiyeh or a good wide scarf: Head covering. Pillow. Sling for small goods. Neck warmer. Blindfold. Tying a backpack closed. Towel. I have used it for everything, and I’m pretty sure I will never, ever travel without one of these babies.

Olympus Tough: Let’s face it, as a traveler and general klutz, I can’t have nice things. I’ll get sand on the lens or go someplace too cold for the screen to function. Or, worse, get it wet and not have a bag of rice handy to absorb the moisture. Hence my owning a tough. I can take it anywhere, the beach (pictures while snorkeling), rock climbing (I’ve dropped it from 20 feet off the ground), and snowboarding (to prove just how uncoordinated I am). I can abuse this camera and it still won’t quit.

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11/7/12 10:17 AM