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Timely since this is MOVEMBER! Mustache on.

Best Kids Parties: Mustaches My Party
11/7/12 03:10 AM

There's a horse that's been beaten to death by ScuttledCuttle.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
11/7/12 03:09 AM

By hurricanes, I mean.

\"What Is Really Important\":
Thoughts on Sandy, Home & Community

11/6/12 10:14 PM

I grew up on the Gulf Coast in Florida right on the water, and we had our house flooded and the roof knocked off in 95, and again in 04. We learned to make copies of all important photos, and invest in a good safe. It's definitely a sense of loss when things you love are ruined, and your normalcy is taken away for a while. If your family and other loved ones are safe and sound, then that helps you get through all the mess and the frustration.

\"What Is Really Important\":
Thoughts on Sandy, Home & Community

11/6/12 10:13 PM

I love this apartment and its colors and personality.

Pamela's Blank Canvas Goes Bold House Tour
11/6/12 10:09 PM

I found Orla Kelley prints at JoAnn Fabrics over the summer. I'm not sure if they still have them, but you could look on JoAnn's website to see.

Pamela's Blank Canvas Goes Bold House Tour
11/6/12 10:08 PM

Do you have some sort of obsessive need to have the last word and argue on every point? It's bizarre behavior. I agree with the people above. You were so rude to have made such a production about "squaw" and "privilege" when this is a design website. One comment would have sufficed if you felt it was needed, but to go on and on and on was so boorish. You showed zero respect for Leah and Bill for opening their home to Apartment Therapy and doing a tour, and didn't put in a single comment that relates to design. Your comments just littered this blog. Honestly, I wish site moderators would just delete them because they're irrelevant to a design site. Please find another site to fight with people on, if that's something you must do. Learn some manners, please.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
11/6/12 10:06 PM

This room is picture perfect, and it has a lot of great ideas that are attainable on almost any budget.

Jane's Jewel Box Nursery Nursery Tour
11/6/12 09:58 PM

Looks like a comfy, cool home.

The Beahm Family's Dot House House Tour
11/6/12 09:57 PM

I'm really loving the calm neutral colors for nurseries that are becoming more popular. This room is lovely.

Alice's Warm Modern Nursery Nursery Tour
11/6/12 09:57 PM

I love the shakers in pic #1.

Basic Bar Essential: Cocktail Shakers
11/6/12 09:56 PM