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That's Amazing.
I wish I could envision and do something like this... But i always have trouble putting all pieces together.

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10/31/08 11:45 AM

My husband and I differ a lot on sheets and towel usage too. I grew up seeing my parents who were very picky about santization but still being frugal. They used to put used towels on a hanging rack in sunshine for couple of hours and let it dry. And as i live in south bay , i usually have ample sunshine I still do the same thing after every shower, if the weather is good and keep using them for a week or two. After all they are just damp towels and dryed our "clean" bodies with it. If the weather is otherwise...they go in laundry after 3-4 usage.

But that's just my way of doing it... and seems Okay to me.. but I haven't done any research on pros&cons of just drying the towels.

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10/31/08 11:07 AM


What a change

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10/28/08 01:55 PM


It all depends how do you envision your place. Do you want to carry on the subtle mute tones which are already present in your room or you want to add drama by adding contrast?

If I were you and wanted to keep muted tones, i wold use some bold print in blues/grays.
But if I was feeling a little more fun I couldbring out the yellow of floors and use this print:


or something like this:


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10/27/08 11:08 AM


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10/24/08 02:55 PM

Wow Alicia!
I am a beginner sewist ..and TOTALLY appreciate all the efort, time and hard work went into this project. I am sure you'll be really proud of yourself :)

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10/24/08 02:45 PM

I think i will dig this bold and beautiful green but i'll be careful not to use it too much.

I love your inspirational pic..where did you get this from?

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10/23/08 12:52 PM

How are these pieces joined together to make a rug? is there a special carpet glue which holds these pieces together?

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10/17/08 03:05 PM

Ben, if you are reading this... I want to know how to painted this. This argyle design on wall is phenomenal.

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10/17/08 02:59 PM

Terrible idea.. so depressing and disgusting.

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10/16/08 01:06 PM