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At first I hated the idea of a Horizontal Murphy bed, someone would always be pushed up against the wall and frankly I knew it would be me. However, when ceiling height became and issue, a Horizontal Murphy bed grew on me.

<a ref="htttp://">Old Creek Wall Bed Factory</a> has some really great designs, both vertical and horizontal wall beds.

Check out their designs at:
<a ref="htttp://"></a>

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Horizontal Opening Murphy Beds
6/16/09 03:40 PM

Oh my! These are by far some of the most elaborate Murphy Beds I have ever seen, very impressive integration into a children's room.

I recently purchased a Murphy Bed from Old Creek (, my husband and I had been searching for months and finally found the perfect compromise (the Hudson model), which worked well for my design theme.

If there is anyone looking for a well priced Murphy Bed with excellent quality and designs, check out

But I simply love the ones in this post for children!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging The Sacramento Bee: Theme Bedrooms
10/16/08 12:21 PM