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well, just found a phone today at the bus stop, funny i just read that articel now.
i actually tried to open it, too, and if i'd have had access, i would have gone straight to the contacts, to find something like "home", "mom" or "bff", or whatever^^ cause it's just faster to get it direct than over the police (where our lost-and-found is). but it was locked by a password, so i didn't even try and brought it there... pouh, i just felt my karma rising xD

Here's What Really Happens When You Lose a Smartphone
9/28/13 05:11 PM

Would love to participate! (un)fortunatetly I'll be in holidays for three weeks... :)

Could you please make something like that in october, too? :D

The Style Cure is Coming: Sign Up Now to Update & Decorate a Room this August
7/16/13 02:43 AM

"Only ring if you know you're welcome"

First Impressions: Door Mats with Personality
5/10/13 02:59 AM

my suggestion:
enlarge the stairs to it's full width (or do you need the gap?). paint the handrail and the metal-bars white.
If you like colours, I would make something like in the colour scheme of the rest of your house... adds colour & makes you happy when you look at it :D)

Renovation Ideas for Staircase? Good Questions
5/2/13 10:19 AM

Before was way better.

Before & After: Sophisticated and Dramatic Wainscoting Chris Loves Julia
3/3/13 08:04 AM

For my sister's apartment we bought an ikea-kitchen. It was the price, too. But, because we have no plan about crafting, we gave it to somebody who did other small renovations in the apartment. He did his job great. But so price became a lit higher - but was still okay.
But by now (the kitchen is in there for about one and a half year), we see the disadvantages. The door of the integrated bin is angular and you can't open it on the same time like the dishwasher. And there are some more aesthetical mistakes...
Over all, we will buy a personalized one if we ever have to put a new kitchen in anywhere... It may be a bit more expensive, but the difference is it worth.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: 5 Things We Learned While Buying an IKEA Kitchen Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
2/22/13 08:14 AM

I live in Switzlerand for my whole life, so: Yeah, 99% do have tiles in their kitchen (and in my opinion, this dark ones are very nice). But I can't stand the pink wall. You can paint it, but swiss law says, that you may change it back to its original condition before moving out.
Because I don't think you want to change your tiles twice, I think you should leave them.

But it's always best to ask the owner before changing anything. Maybe he would even pay it, just talk^^ You do not want to mess up with the owner. Thats oh-so-not-swiss-like ;)

Ideas for Kitchen Floor in a Rental? Good Questions
1/23/13 02:57 AM

Probably somebody nearby rents a garage, ask around (if you only stock things that will still be "alive" after some weeks/months in such a room. make sure everything's well-packed).

A plus point of outsource your stuff is, that you take everything in you hands twice. so think about every piece, if you still need it (twice!). if you don't miss it while its away temporary, you wont miss it in your new house either.

Where To Store Your Stuff When Staging/Selling a Home? Good Questions
12/13/12 09:00 AM

put the bed under the window & place 2 identical (dark) nighttables next to it. get rid of the hooks & mirror. put instead 3 ikea-mirrors (the normal, non-framed ones) on the closet doors. move the pictures closer to the door.
if there's enough space, an upholstered chair & some candles on a tray always look very comfortable :)

How Can I Make My Bedroom Appear Less Childish? Good Questions
11/30/12 09:47 AM

the white walls make the room much brighter, and i love the still-blue ceiling. but in my opinion, the pink is too much (well, probably because I don't like pink :)), but i would have gone with more blue&yellow instead of the pink. the fabric over the table lets the room feel smaller than it is.
really cool chair at the end of the bed!

Before & After: A Revamped Guest Room
11/22/12 09:34 AM

cool, of course ;) but what is the stone for? -.^

Before & After: Repurposing a Garage Sale Dresser Our Blue Front Door
11/21/12 11:27 AM

I absolutely love the stairs & tiles - but in my opinion it's a little "cold" with the yellow door - I would have chosen red; more glamour and warmer...
But you absolutely have my respect for this gorgeous transformation!! :)

Be-foyer and After: An Entryway Makeover
11/16/12 04:50 AM

Perfect idea! (I would have recommended wooden stripes...)
But with the tape they can see if it even would work. Great!

How Can I Add Privacy to Glass Bathroom Door? Good Questions
11/5/12 10:30 AM

This ground & colours aren't made for minimalism. You'd better add a nice carpet, that makes the room feel less cold. The different shades of brown show, that it's already some years old; you should work WITH it, and not against, this only sticks it out :) (So what about a carpet in these colours, like this one

Do These Circular Chairs Work with My Square Sofa? Good Questions
11/5/12 10:17 AM