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I believe the style is best called Transitional. It's got the simple, straight lines of a '60s modern sofa but is still sporting a few traditional elements to appeal to the conservative buyer.

IMHO it would look pretty amazing if you painted the wood Gloss Black and re-upholstered the sofa in...well, any other color than the present.

Mr. M

How To Identify Era/Style of Vintage Sofa? Good Questions
3/20/14 01:08 PM

I shy away from calling chairs of this style "Danish Modern" and I've tried to stop using the term "Mid-Century Modern" as it isn't very specific and gets used to describe everything from a 1926 Marcel Breuer "Wassily" chair to a 1970 Lee West Alpha Chamber chair...neither of which are of the Middle of the century!

I prefer Vintage Modern, which nicely covers any and all furnishings that are more than 25 years old and were perhaps more forward looking than their contemporaries. This would include many art deco pieces as well as machine age designs.

I would describe the chairs above as High Back Vintage Modern American Design Dining Chairs.

Here are the same chairs.

Mr. M

What Do You Call this Dining Chair Style? Good Questions
1/14/14 01:08 AM

Wow, I was gonna just comment on the Macrame (hello late '70s, nice to see ya again!) but ooooh...that Pork Chop, that sounds scrumptious! Loves me some Pine Nuts!

Mr. M

Spice-Up Sunday: Plants and Pork Chops
1/5/14 05:10 PM

You had me at Eichler...but you (still) lost me at Ikea.

Hope's Eichler in Terra Linda House Call
12/11/13 09:42 PM

The bad news: you ain't gonna have a lot of space.

The good news: even if you go ape-sh*t crazy buying high end stuff, you won't break the bank! I say splurge on the highest end you can (especially your mattress!) without having a panic attack (i.e. stay Far FAR away from Ikea). You'll only have to buy once and you will genuinely enjoy your space and furnishings.

How Can I Downsize to a 6'x6' Bedroom? Good Questions
12/10/13 09:41 PM

Jingle All The Way - starring a very funny Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad not yo mention a classic performance given by a sadly missed Phil Hartman.

Get in the Holiday Spirit: 10 Festive Films on Netflix to Stream After the Big Meal
11/29/13 05:47 PM

Jingle All The Way - starring a very funny Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad not yo mention a classic performance given by a sadly missed Phil Hartman.

Get in the Holiday Spirit: 10 Festive Films on Netflix to Stream After the Big Meal
11/29/13 05:46 PM

Whoa... Not because of the decor, but because of the layout, the first thing that came to mind upon perusing this home was "Wasn't this the house used in Sean Of The Dead?"!

Polly & Dai's Happy Cornwall Cottage Home House Tour
11/21/13 01:03 PM

Wha...Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" didn't make the cut? Built in the late 1930s and it still looks contemporary today. I'd put FW up against either the Empire State Building OR the Sydney Opera House! What about the Barcelona chair, again designed in the late 1920s and still in common use in contemporary design today. Sure it has stood more a test of time than the Eames Lounger or Panton's "S" chair.

Innovators & Icons of Design:
The First Four Match-Ups Presented by Dyson

11/21/13 12:53 PM

I like the custom pads on the Bertoia side chairs! A few years ago I aquired a slightly rough pair of Bertoia Diamond chairs (while driving through the scariest part of East St. Louis), but sadly the pads that were with the chairs were so badly damaged that I had to toss them. After cleaning and repainting the chairs I started to make some pads sorta like yours but never really got done with them. Maybe now, after seeing yours, I'll get off my lazy butt and finish the project!

Jane's Heritage-Contemporary in London House Call
11/13/13 09:28 PM

A. Modding for reliability: Does it work now? If so, hasn't it been working for 63 years? Do you think anything built today will be working 63 years from now? Leave it. It's fine.

B. Modding for efficiency: Obviously aesthetics are important to you. You want something in your life that you find have to pay for it. What you CAN do is fill every un-used space in the fridge with jugs of water. It's easier for a fridge to keep jugs of water cool than air (which tries desperately to escape each time you open the door).

Bottom line: use it - you'll love it. If not you can always toss it later for some boring box from Sears.

Tips for Modding Retro 'Fridge for Energy Efficiency? Good Questions
11/8/13 03:30 PM

It's unfortunate but the KRRB classifieds aren't really working. There's just not enough for sale anywhere but LA, Chicago or NYC. I've had ads up for ages here in St. Louis (where there are only about 35 other items available) and haven't sold one item. Nice effort but for any market outside of the big 3, c-list is still where it's at. The AT scavenger really should revert back to c-list or at least include it (and post BARGAINS, not just dreamy items).

Find & Buy Secondhand Design from Your Neighbors! Apartment Therapy Classifieds
11/6/13 12:45 PM

I thought for SURE I was going to find the back painted as Gene Simons face (in full KISS make up) and the seat painted as his tongue. So many options. Cut and painted up as the lips and tongue from The Rolling Stones?

Before & After: This Chair Will Scare Your Socks Off
11/1/13 08:30 PM

Ha! I get home from work at 10:30pm and ALWAYS have something to eat. I've still got a blog post to write and publish so I'm hardly Ever in bed before 2:30am. This 11:30 supper is just second nature to me!

Let's Bring Back: 11:30 Suppers
11/1/13 08:05 PM

Being a buyer / seller / collector of vintage modern I tend to strike while the iron is be damned. This leads to a VERY cluttered household. I do have a three car garage for storage, but it's pretty much full, and a second bedroom...also pretty full. Last weekend my girlfriend had a party and I had to get everything out of the living room / cocktail lounge, dining room, living room...and even the kitchen (I told ya! I buy lots of stuff!) and it all had to disappear, so even MORE got stuffed into the second bedroom and garage. So now, if one was to open that bedroom door, there is a good chance of an avalanche and burial by Danish Modern. Same with the Garage. Skeletons in my closet? No, but you're likely to find a couple of Eames shell chairs stacked in there!

Happy Halloween! What's In Your Personal House Of Horrors?
10/31/13 12:41 PM

When / If I retire to the FLA Keys, I'd love to have a joint like this! Certainly looks cooler than a travel trailer...even a vintage one! Tiki time!

A Disaster-Proof House Made from Bamboo GRIST
10/31/13 12:31 PM

Lovely joint! It's got me wondering why there aren't any "Too Cluttered" comments because, while I don't have any problem with lots of stuff everywhere many others do and let's face it...there's lots of stuff everywhere in this place! Might be a good topic for an AT post: How to display "too much" without being too cluttered!

Calvin's Naturally Stylish DC Home House Tour
10/29/13 12:51 PM

Ugh, so not an IKEA fan but I am softening a bit. It never really occurred to me that there even was vintage IKEA until I found - and eventually flipped - this gorgeous red arc lamp (Note: this link will open a new tab or window and will not take you away from Apartment Therapy). Then one of my blogging team posted about the re-release of the 1956 LĂ–VBACKEN table and I got to say, I wouldn't mind having a true vintage example of that!

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 12:36 PM

@Mike_in_Hawaii - Freaking Genius! I was prepared to read a comment saying something like "This is a DIY that anyone needs? 'to make a table put a piece of wood on some stands'", but wow...great advice!

DIY Sawhorse Table Home Depot's The Apron Blog
10/27/13 07:45 PM

FINALLY! I'll be able to bike to work with the risk of losing that precious gut I've been curating all these years. Hey, beers don't grow on trees.

Cycling News: New Copenhagen Wheel Makes any Bike Electric
10/26/13 03:46 PM