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Pallets are not bad to build a storage building or even a garage or a house. If you buy them new they are cheaper than the regular materials and even more if you are building it yourself. It is also, less work putting it together when building the structure. I wanted a two storage building from Lowes. They want $16,000.00 for it. That it is ridiculous because the structure is simple. It is outrageous the amount of money companies charge for storage buildings and garages. Everything is over priced and really there is no need for it. Not everybody has money, good credit or great jobs to afford things. I would not use them for furniture, because I don't like them for that, but to build a storage building and a garage and specially if I buy them new instead of getting them for free.

Upcycled Wooden Pallets: Green Resource or Toxic Trend?
11/3/12 09:10 PM