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It is too much for my taste.

Found: A Built-In Bike... In A Bathroom
Benjamin Bullins

10/30/12 04:19 AM

Nice... I just have few old bicycle rims and garden. It can be nice project to do with my children

Recycled Bike Wheel Garden Trellis
Suited To The Seasons

10/30/12 04:17 AM

This stands are perfect if you like to watch your bike without riding. If bike is used every day, I thing it will be frustrating to clean it every day so it can be good for keeping in the living room.

5 New Indoor Bike Storage Solutions
10/30/12 04:15 AM

Hi James,

I was also looking for some cargo bike, but electric if possible...
I found couple of cargo bikes which are perfect for city commuting.

I thing a 500 watt electric bike with a battery for 20 km ride is a perfect solution for spring, summer and autumn in the city. Even on the cold winter day bikes are usefull if the streets are clean.

Which is the Best Cargo Bike for Carrying Children? Good Questions
10/30/12 04:12 AM