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One of my favorite house tours ever. That kitchen.... AAAAHHH

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh House Tour
9/29/13 02:31 PM

"Oh, we can keep your basement cat?" Your post made me laugh out loud and I needed that this morning... thanks!! I'm glad you got out of there!

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 02:48 PM

My brother and I lived for two years in a condo that was independently owned but managed by a property mgmt company. First year was fine, nothing noteworthy. Then all of a sudden strange things started to happen. For example, in the winter, the sliding glass door seemed to "freeze" shut when it got below 60 degrees (aka every night for three months). But when I called the company, they reported that the landlord "didn't want to pay" to fix the door. It took weekly calls over two months and finally a threat to report them to the city (legally there's supposed to be two exits, for fire hazards) for them to send someone out. Literally took 20 minutes for them to fix the problem.

THEN, we started to notice that several quarter-size areas of our hallway ceiling were "popping out" or sagging. They grew to baseball size over a few days and then exploded with filthy water. It took days for the company to come out and inspect it. Turns out our upstairs neighbor's AC unit was leaking into our ceilings and causing severe water damage. Eventually the company sent someone out to cut the damaged parts out of the ceiling... but didn't cover them up! We lived with open holes in our ceiling for weeks, and both started to have allergies and breathing issues in the house, so clearly there was a mold problem. This happened three more times as we finished out our lease, in several different areas in the house. When we moved out, they had finally patched up the ceiling, but hadn't painted over it or fixed the original AC unit problem.

And to think they still had the nerve to keep a third of our deposit. Never again... I now have the best private landlords, an elderly couple who raised kids in my house and are super responsive and kind. I might never move...

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 02:40 PM

So many, I live in a great area for antiques...

Svend A. Madsen for H.P. Hansen Danish modern teak desk and chair, mint condition, $250. Similar desks without chairs going for $1500-$2000 online.

Pair of Lane Acclaim coffee tables for $30, going for a few hundred each in the Bay Area recently

Perfect round Drexel Declaration dining table for $150

Set of green lotus Catherineholm nesting bowls for $8

Recently I was driving around this backwoods mountain area (dirt road off a highway, no cell service, you get the idea) and saw a fiberglass Eames shell chair sitting in a pile of beer cans outside of a dilapidated trailer. Unfortunately the owner wasn't willing to sell it to me. I cried a little bit inside.

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
7/25/13 02:31 PM

Love the Pyrex collection AND the deer head... rescuing and displaying her beauty like this feels like you are celebrating her. I would hate to think of her stacked in a garage somewhere gathering dust; I'm glad she is with you! :)

Kirsten's Bluebird of Happiness House House Tour
4/30/13 02:20 AM


Totoro Inspiration for a Spring Mood
4/3/13 02:41 AM

I'm a renter, but as soon as I walked in my current house I knew it was home... the owners have kept all of the original tiling, flooring, and lighting from the 50's-- which immediately made me fall in love, and then I learned that they had updated central heat/air and water heater to be current and green. Big backyard and so much beautiful natural light. Quiet little street with other older homes. It's my dream home, and I never want to move!

Falling in Love with a Home
3/11/13 10:01 PM

Beautiful queer ladies in love and raising corgis in an adorable home... I think my heart might explode. :)

Alli & Kristen's Family Affair House Tour
3/11/13 12:40 PM

No words other than wow... :)

Mary Lee's Life in 300 Square Feet House Tour
3/6/13 10:02 PM

I've been living with my little brother for 3 years while he finished undergrad. It's fabulous--he loves antiquing, cooking, and my cats, and we're both queer. Alas, he's moving away for grad school in August. Gonna miss him like crazy... I'd live with him forever if I could!

Real Life Renting: Living with Siblings
3/6/13 09:55 PM

So great to see an essay like this on AT. Thanks!

Color, Chromophobia, and Colonialism: Some Historical Thoughts
3/5/13 06:03 PM

Absolutely wonderful. I'm inspired :)

Scuba's Open House House Tour
2/10/13 08:10 PM

I love this... its slightly unsettling nature adds to its charm, in my opinion.

Before & After: Brittan's Chair for the Generations
2/1/13 01:27 PM

Alan, can we be BFFs? Your house is amazing, as is the show you write for. Love!!

Alan's Retreat In The Hills House Tour
1/2/13 02:31 PM

Love the wallpaper in your bedroom!

Aya & Trevor's Sophisticated Contemporary Condo House Tour
12/12/12 02:43 AM

Absolutely love this... just my style. And what a beautiful family!

Nanette & Jonathan's Eclectic Family Home House Tour
11/17/12 07:42 PM

Love the dining set and teal chairs... such a bright and airy space, when can I move in? ;)

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 01:23 AM

Absolutely, I just meant to provide context to the conversation as a whole. The word definitely has baggage and some are triggered by it, but some are not-- and it's definitely up to individuals to work out how they feel about it. Similarly, I know my choice to call myself queer is triggering to many, especially folks from past generations, but it's deeply important to me that I reclaim that word.

So that was a long-winded way to say... thank you for your thoughtful commentary below about how your identity informs your use and understanding of the word. And on a lighter note, your house is gorgeous. :)

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 11:03 PM

Usually I just read AT without comment, but... here's an overview of the problematic context of the word "squaw," found through the great blog Native Appropriations:

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 03:38 AM