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I like the idea of building it into something interesting. What if you made/custom-designed a long glass-topped table where the bikes could all line up or hang underneath? Maybe bar height to ensure adequate space below, with some kind of minimalist mounting hardware to hang the bikes from the surface. Could be a fun view for diners! Though I guess they might end up with bike mud on their legs after dinner.

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3/20/09 04:44 PM

It may be foolhardy, I don't really know as I've done only one upholstery project, a small bench...but I fell in love with a lighter weight fabric too. I ironed on a fusible backing to give it a bit more heft and staying power. The piece is used to catch clothes in my bedroom more than to sit on, but so far it's been a year and it's worked out ok.

That said, after all the hard work was done and since I love the result, it makes me sad that it probably won't last as long as it should. And I bite my tongue to keep from asking family members not to sit on it -- which you really can't rightfully ask if it's a chair!

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3/20/09 04:15 PM

What is the rocking chair above? The link goes to an Ikea play kitchen...

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11/19/08 03:43 PM

Is there really no smell at all? I'm pregnant and the better painter in my pair...if we have painting to do before the kid arrives and chaos takes over, I've been trying to figure out who should do it. Seems like no VOC plus no VOC tint should mean no problem...anyone have knowledge of this?

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11/7/08 11:17 AM

laura123, there are nylon fabric shower curtains that are machine wash, tumble dry. we probably wash ours once every 6-8 weeks -- comes out clean.

just don't procrastinate too long on washing it, because once the scum turns from orange to green, there's no getting it out. ;)

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10/30/08 02:48 PM

My mom had a good tip for freezing things that need rewarming in a pan afterward (like lasagna). Bake it in the regular pan, then put the whole pan in the freezer. Once it's frozen in that shape, pop the food out and wrap it in tin foil/bags, etc. When you're ready to reheat the frozen food, the frozen block will fit right back into the pan it was originally prepared in.

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10/24/08 10:08 AM

No, where is the coffee table from?! The dual height is great -- a tall spot for resting a cup, low spot for resting feet.

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10/15/08 02:18 PM