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the paint scheme looks like a cheap afterthought to break up a totally flat facade.

and what's with the hard to swallow write-up?

"thermally stabalizing concrete": would that be radiant floors? or is that a new fancy way of saying that residents can enjoy cold concrete floors?

"light and air were prioritized over a view": it doesn't even look like it meets LADBS minimums for natural ventilation. the interiors look dark and dreary. maybe the addition could have been oriented better to take advantage of natural light.

"constructed at a price per square foot competitive with stucco and other less desirable finishes": i'd take stucco over poorly detailed cementboard and Polygal with cheap stock trim.

"it is greener to find creative ways to upgrade and reuse existing structures than to demolish and build new": so you just built new and disregarded the existing structure? i mean with it doesn't exactly look like durable construction.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Modern Meets Victorian
1/7/09 07:02 PM

seriously? the thanksgiving parade in new york is an asset and people love to have apartments overlooking it. only in los angeles, where our cars and parking thereof have us concerned for our neighborhoods like they are our own personal kingdoms would someone consider that a negative.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Living On The Parade Route
12/4/08 07:54 PM

i'm a doofus. misread the "my walls are my canvas" line. the wall paintings are great, however.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #19: Catherine's Outside Inside
10/31/08 02:41 PM

ian & monica-
i just wanted to say that i love the colors, art and use of space. i thought you deserved to move forward.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #35: Ian Monica's Colorful Vibe
10/29/08 02:08 PM

love your colors and use of texture on the canvas walls. brilliant idea. very cool artwork as well. sorry you didn't make it further, i was pulling for you.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #19: Catherine's Outside Inside
10/28/08 08:44 AM

lillyrose & jazzybelle- i see color in every shot. the only white i see is in the kitchen and even there there is plenty of accents and color in the way the natural light works within the room. if anything, i see it as a more considered approach to the topic.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #22 Dave Melanie's Craftsman Color
10/16/08 09:59 AM

great job. the colors selection is creative and maximizes the natural light. so much character - you can tell the personal touch and care that has gone into the house.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #22 Dave Melanie's Craftsman Color
10/15/08 11:58 AM