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"Pike Market"? Really? NO ONE SAYS THAT. except out-of-towners. People call it Pike Place or The Market. Also, it's not a neighborhood - no one talks about the Pike Place Market neighborhood. It's an area within downtown. - demolitionwoman

I agree that no one calls it "Pike Market," but it is a distinct (albeit small) neighborhood of about 500 people, many of whom work there as well. They also offer low-income and elderly/disabled housing, and have their own community foundation. I think it's a unique neighborhood that deserves its own recognition.

1. akb is right that New Holly is housing development designation that is not used by real people. - meks

It's true that NewHolly is a new housing development, so probably doesn't seem like a "real" neighborhood to those of us who have been here for awhile (or forever). (Yes, NewHolly is spelled without a space, and yes, I find that obnoxious.) However, I think NewHolly is a neighborhood in its own right. The people I know from that area are refugees and immigrants (very real people, and a significant portion of Seattle's population), and when you ask them where in Seattle they live, they reply "NewHolly."

It might not be a traditional Seattle neighborhood with a long history, but it is a consciously planned community that embodies a lot of proclaimed Seattle values, like diversity, access to education for everyone, safe gathering places for children and teens, and support for disadvantaged populations. I've actually been really interested to see what will happen to this neighborhood over the next 10-15 years. If whatever money is funding the community services and low-income housing keeps flowing, it could turn into a really vibrant place (and it already is from what I saw when I was teaching there). But I always think of things like the "projects" in other cities - if the funding for social support is cut off in a community where the majority of the residents are disadvantaged in some way (elderly, poverty, refugee, etc.), what will happen?

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