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I LOVE these! I have often made snowflakes, but not the variety included here. I'm excited to try it, as well as the gingerbread man paper garland addition. So fun!

Holiday Nostalgia: DIY Christmas Craft Ideas from The Past
12/18/13 07:55 PM

This is great! I would definitely install a rock wall if I had kids. I was even thinking about doing this to the side of my house that's not visible from the yard to gain easy access to the roof. So fun! And yeah, a crash pad or mat flooring is definitely in order here.

Climbing the Walls, Literally: Climbing Walls in Kids Spaces
12/13/13 04:08 PM

Oh my gosh this is amazing! My favorite tour in a very long time. The Faith print is stunning.

Under My Thumb's Homey Tattoo Studio Creative Workspace Tour
10/8/13 05:06 PM

Wow, this is a very interesting conversation to read. I have never before had/heard of a negative Airbnb experience. My husband and I were able to afford a trip to Hawaii this year in part because we stayed with Airbnb hosts. I have used Airbnb in 5 different cities, each place clean and the hosts warm and friendly. We are also currently house hunting and would love to be able to use one bedroom for Airbnb to help us pay the cost of the mortgage. My thought in the NY case is that there definitely needs to be a way to protect people like B. Leokt from having a slumlord neighbor, but also allow for courteous people to enjoy sharing their space with conscientious travelers. My guess is that B. Leokt's neighbor is breaking a bunch of other laws that don't pertain to the "less than 29 days" law under discussion, such as occupancy limits. (You might consider reporting him to the city and/or Airbnb.) I hope that a compromise can be found to meet the needs of hosts, neighbors and the city.

Airbnb Stays are Illegal, Rules New York Judge Design News 05.21.13
5/21/13 01:23 PM

Such a great use of space! All the different functions of the room blend together wonderfully, yet remain distinct in purpose. It feels so refreshing and relaxing. Marvelous job!

Skyla's "Green Retreat" Room Room for Color Contest
10/26/12 10:04 PM

I absolutely adore this room! This is definitely in my top 5, and I think really fulfills the aim of the contest. This room is designed very intentionally with color, and it's such a beautiful result. I also love the repetition of lines in the bed picture: how they seem to morph from rigid diagonals in the pillow up through the headboard/frame and end up wonderfully organic in the tree pictures. Stunning!

Nikki's "Fun and Funky" Room Room for Color Contest
10/26/12 09:23 PM