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Apartment Therapy posts routinely refuse to show on my Feedly, giving me the following error:

Does anybody know what this means?

3 Easy Steps: Switch Your Apartment Therapy RSS from Google Reader to Feedly
7/1/13 01:01 PM

The title of this post nearly gave me a heart attack. I love your kitchen as it is (+ maybe some better lighting).

Contact paper would be a cheap solution.

Can I Paint My Black Granite Countertop? Good Questions
6/26/13 04:56 PM

DL hand cleaner is made by Permatex- it's originally meant for auto mechanics. I love it for getting my hands clean after working on my bicycle- I carry a small tub with me for on-the-road repairs.

Never thought to use it on furniture, though! How smart!

Before & After: Lindsay's Filthy to Fabulous Record Cabinet
6/18/13 12:48 PM

That duvet is amazing! Source?

Sabrina's Finally at Home House Call
6/17/13 04:01 PM


Renton is a pretty awful neighborhood- I was seeing someone who lived there and I don't think I could live there, even on my social worker salary! Beacon Hill, especially mid to south Beacon Hill, has some very affordable rents and is much closer to the city core. Also check out the Central District- it's still a little gritty, but rents are cheap for the city and it's very accessible.

I would recommend subletting for a minute before settling on a neighborhood for good. There are definite "feels" to each neighborhood in Seattle that I think are very difficult to define (though this article is a good start!). Before I moved here I was convinced I would love Belltown- I lived there for 6 months and despised it.

Which neighborhood you live in really depends on what your "scene" and priorities are. But without kids, I'd recommend the south part of the city for cheap rent and easy access to the city core.

A Renter's Life in Seattle: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renters Guide
3/23/13 08:40 PM

I pop my cat's bed in the fridge for a while when it's hot here. She loves it.

How Do I Keep My Apartment from Becoming a Sauna? Good Questions
3/13/13 04:43 PM

Can anybody ID the bedspread from #2? I feel like I've seen it before and I really like it!

Kids' Room Inspiration: White Walls, Statement Rugs Renters Solutions
3/11/13 04:32 PM

I'd add Cocktail Compass to that list! As a local I use it all the time to find happy hours and good bars.

Journey to the Emerald City: 10 Travel Apps for Visiting Seattle Smartphone Travel App Showcase
3/6/13 03:56 PM

I would use this as a drawer liner for my nightstand!

Erotic Wallpaper: Would You?
2/4/13 10:51 AM

I used to volunteer at a thrift store sorting room and we would have definitely kept something like this! True, don't donate cracked glass or broken electronics, but we definitely don't consider less-than-perfect items garbage.

My approach to used-up kitchen items is to offer them up to my friends first (with full disclosure of any idiosyncrasies, of course), then straight to the thrift store.

When It's OK To Get Rid of Kitchen Tools
1/29/13 05:24 PM

Wow, this is exceptional.

Before & After:
Refinishing an MCM DresserThe Weathered Door

12/12/12 03:42 PM

I LOVE the idea of "small trick, big difference" as a recurring thing. I'm on a tight budget but can't stop messing with my apartment's layout!

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 02:50 PM

I just upgraded to a queen-sized bed and had to put my heirloom full-size linens in storage... these might make the transition easier!

Win: Barbara Barry Dream Bedding Set Holiday Giveaway
12/10/12 06:15 PM

After my chef housemate recently moved out, I think I missed his knives almost as much as I missed him! These would be a great replacement!

Win: Schmidt Brothers Knife Block + 14 Piece Set from West ElmHoliday Giveaway
12/10/12 06:13 PM

Replace the cylindrical legs on the futon with some hairpin legs! You can find them on eBay very inexpensively,

Help Incorporating Contemporary Furniture with My Vintage Style? Good Questions
11/26/12 05:24 PM

I've been preserving fruit in alcohol since July, and plan on giving a generous jar of those plus a nice card to my friends this season.

On a more practical note, I assure you that your tech-savvy friends will not be new to Sugru! It's great stuff, but I (and my similarly techy friends) have quite a few packs lying around...

What Do You Get the Tech Lover
Who Already Has Everything?

11/26/12 02:53 PM

I love the hairpin legs!

Win: Cricket Floor Lamp from
Room & Board Holiday Giveaway

11/26/12 02:45 PM

I really like the versions that geometrically suggest flowers instead of mimicking them (especially #1 and #8).

Nouveau Faux: Not Your Grandmother's Fake Flowers
11/23/12 06:47 PM

I absolutely love this set! So playful yet composed!

Win: Finnish Entertaining Set Holiday Giveaway
11/23/12 03:02 PM

This would be a gorgeous addition to my bachelorette pad.

Win: Lexington Mirrored Butler Tray Holiday Giveaway
11/23/12 02:54 PM