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Sorry, I'm new to this, I thought I could reply indiviually - so that above is to anyone who was interested in the seat pads!

The bathroom has just been re-done as part of the renovations, so whereas I don't know what kind of showers were there before (originally they would have been sharing a toilet with the neighbours in the stairwell!!), I now have a 90cmx90cm shower cubicle and matching tub :)

The really wide pine floorboards are indeed something typical to Berlin, luckily for me! The hallway, music room and bedroom are the original floorboards, the living room and office (where the colour is lighter) have been recently laid as they were too damaged or had been completely taken out. The colour is already deepening tho, I had no idea how quickly it goes!

Hope that answers the main questions. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I'm overwhelmed!

Rachel's Harmonious Home in Berlin House Tour
10/24/12 05:11 AM

Hi moofle, the seat pads are from a company in Berlin, called Parkhaus Berlin. The colour is Kenia Rot (kenya red). They do mail order, altho I can't promise to which countries.

Rachel's Harmonious Home in Berlin House Tour
10/24/12 05:01 AM