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We need color advice for our apartment! Our landlord is painting and has given us only a couple of colors as our options. They'll be using Dunn Edwards paint. They're painting Swiss coffee on the ceilings, doors, trim, and cabinets. For all the walls we have to choose between Pearl White or Navajo White. We live in Santa Monica, CA by the beach. We're leaning towards Pearl White for the walls but not sure if there will be that much of a contrast with the ceiling, doors, and trim being Swiss Coffee. Navajo Wht seems like it may look too drab but would provide more contrast. They aren't giving us any other options. Any thoughts or opinions out there? Do you think Pearl White walls will look good with Swiss Coffee ceiling, doors, trim, and kitchen cabinets? Thank you!

Help Me Choose the Right White Paint
10/24/12 01:03 AM