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I like violet and plaster best.

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2/4/09 07:16 PM

Yep, we haven't owned a TV in years. We watch on either the main PC or laptop. It is great to be able watch when we want to watch something, and no adverts either! great!

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2/3/09 05:13 PM

I love that fire screen!

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2/1/09 07:30 PM

I have a plug in night light in the hallway which shines just a glimmer of light under the bedroom door to stop it being pitch black.

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1/27/09 07:03 PM

I agree with mns2000 they all look elegant but I really need light and bright in the morning. In fact I just did a post about the same thing

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1/27/09 06:59 PM

Wow, love that cobalt blue.

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1/27/09 06:54 PM