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Completely agree about getting rid of stuff to organize your closets. The last picture made me laugh - who only has two pairs of shoes?

Seasonal Shift: Inspiring & Attainable Organized Coat Closets
10/26/12 11:31 AM

I think this is a pretty good idea. Kids get bored with toys pretty quickly, and these all seem to be pretty educational based. Cost is about $250 a year though. I don't have kids, but that sounds like a reasonable price for what would be spent over a year. I just wonder how they pick "age appropriate toys". I have friends with kids around the same age (18 months) and they are at completely different stages developmentally.

Toy Rental Subscriptions: Play & Return!
10/26/12 11:29 AM

I wish mine was bigger. Not sure on the size, but when you look at it you think "Looks about perfect for a chicken!". So, in the chicken goes. But then I don't have any room for the vegetables that I want to cook along side. With a family of four I'd buy the biggest one you can get.

What Should I Look For When Buying a New Slow Cooker? Good Questions
10/26/12 10:12 AM

There is a lot that I love about this room, but it's mostly the teal credenza. I really wish I had room for something like that at my house. Excellent use of color - I think the standard in the "light" category seems to be all-white rooms which, while the look pretty, just don't seem livable to me. Good job.

Kylie's "Spring Sunlight Cottage" Room Room for Color Contest
10/26/12 10:02 AM

I love the light blue and red combo in this room. Nice job!

Amy's "Offbeat Primaries" Room Room for Color Contest
10/23/12 10:44 PM

There are some pretty nice pieces. I especially like those fuscia chairs and the colors in the plaid.

High Point Highlights: A Colorful Lifestyle at Lilly Pulitzer Home High Point Market Fall 2012
10/22/12 06:53 PM

That's some pretty great wallpaper in #5.

Color Direction: Color + Metallics
10/22/12 06:17 PM