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I would love to see the houses that you guys DIDN'T pick to post. It might be funny.

House Tour Submission Form | Apartment Therapy New York
3/10/10 01:28 PM

Well, I would say the colors in the house are a matter of opinion.. the pictures don't do it justice - we have a very open house with lots of windows so the colors go well with the sunshine. Plus their are other rooms in the house that don't have bright colors on the walls- and it balances it all out. My husband loves our house and wouldn't change a things - of course he was scared when I picked those colors, but it has worked very well. You can see before and after pictures of our house at - then maybe you would agree that it blends well.

Apartment Therapy DC | East #42: Melanie & Kevin's "Racer Pink"
10/16/08 04:20 AM

Your home is very inspirational. :)

Apartment Therapy DC | East #24: Supon's Pops of Color
10/14/08 10:36 AM