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Interesting the importance placed on liquor display/bar. Liquor bottles on display is extremely tacky. A few bottles of wine on a rack in the kitchen is fine. Actual hard liquor on display is again, tacky.

Bar Carts and Liquor Cabinets Best of 2012
1/2/13 02:40 PM

Nice! I'll take this over designer magazine perfect any day. Feels down-to-earth and quite inviting. I like the mix of furnishings. It works and clearly the owner has great taste (indoors and out). Love the artwork. Like that the space is predominantly white, with some of the wood painted out white, and some natural wood left. Awesome meditation space, beautiful greenery/outdoor space/chilling out areas. And of course, awww, lovely dogs. All in all, feels like home.

Robert's Character-Filled House in Echo Park House Tour
12/17/12 09:38 PM

Self correction and apologies to schnauzer Bug, not Gus :)

Evan & Greg's Small Cool Downtown LA Loft
House Tour

12/4/12 10:04 PM

Understand they're back in NYC now, but will still comment: lovely, warm, genuine. Even the AT Survey is down-to-earth. What a great space with the openness, windows/light and seems like a nice layout. I like how the residents (and interior decorator) are true to their preferences, tastes, loves and have been patient to create their home. Shows ease and no artifice. Fantastic Suzanis/textiles, chair, couch, sideboard in the kitchen, cabinet in the bathroom - the furniture in general! Aww, adorable Gus the dog - he has such character and makes the home all the more warm and relaxed. Cheers.

Evan & Greg's Small Cool Downtown LA Loft
House Tour

12/4/12 01:10 PM

This is more comment than I would ever consider making and I usually opt to say nothing when it's negative. On the negatives: I don't believe it's the resident's fault. My criticisms are more for the producer of this photo shoot. It is very contrived.

It's a man's space, excellent, take it for what it is. There are nice elements, the art/heirloom maps in particular. I find it interesting that the resident states that a design essential for him was all about restraint and "'…empty space can say more than eight items you thought you needed to have'". Yet the place, as shown, is not really restrained at all: the main room (living/dining and kitchen) is more sensory rich. The depth is done well, but it's certainly not in the spirit of “less is more”. There is some "breathing room" in the bedroom and bathroom.

The Apartment Therapy Survey indicates the particular pride and joy: the fully restored vintage Milo Baughman Rosewood Case Sofa. Featured in one long shot that is hard to see. No close-ups. No focus on this unique piece. What a shame. However, multiple shots of the (classic, famous and cool) Marcel Breuer Wassily Chairs and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Lounge Chairs (or reproductions) and ottoman. Incidentally, the resources state (living room): "Eames Lounge & Ottoman; Black Vicenza Leather & Walnut; Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller; Room & Board". I don't see an Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman in the space, even hiding in a corner. A photo shoot production switch out of the Eames to the ivory Mies chairs seems apparent (to balance out that white dining table?) Someone neglected to update the resource credits.

Buddha in the bathroom: Buddha deserves a place of honour and a bathroom is not it. Buddha is never to be placed where you go to the toilet (nor in a bedroom where intimacy occurs). A partially turned down bed and no real sleeping pillows: is this how people live? Hat (prop?) and sunglasses on opposite bedside tables: if you say so. Finally, a gentleman that loves fresh flowers that much: superb. If this is not natural, then: on the coffee table, ottoman (replaced by liquor in image 1), kitchen counter, entry table, bar, and window sill (absent in image 2, migrated 6/7 to 11, plus books...maybe there are two sailboats with a “2”), is overkill.

Fully acknowledged, these comments are overkill, but can you blame me?

Rob's Masculine Modern Condo House Tour
12/2/12 12:25 PM

Would recommend you regularly search your local craigslist, consignment shops or try estate auctions.

Alternative to PB's $2300 pricetag. This chair starts at $1500.
This one is similarly priced to the PB one.

Roots Home has beautiful and very expensive items. Dream pieces for for me but they'd be for life.

More Affordable Alternatives to Pottery Barn's Turner Chair? Good Questions
12/1/12 05:00 PM

Lovely. Kudos on your home, its design, your style and choices (and travels!) The epitome of "home"! There is comfort and ease in all the rooms and a great flow. Nothing feels contrived, and while there is "stuff", it's doesn't feel like too much. Love all your wood cabinets, the art and the outdoor space. Great inspiration for the bathroom and well done. Aww, sweet dogs. Even your orange VW van is cool. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Alex & Sarah's Traveler's HomeHouse Tour
11/9/12 03:02 PM

Very cool. Great bones. The original details are so well preserved but the home feels fresh. What an incredible view! Nice one on building a recording studio; sounds like it will be the ultimate live/work place. I love that one of the favourite things is the light and the light as it changes over the day. That type of experience is priceless.

Aww, pups! I bet the dog is protective of Ezra and the whole family.

The Beahm Family's Dot House House Tour
11/5/12 08:01 PM

I love all animals and they always make me smile; brighten my day. One of the most pristine images of happiness is a dog with a tennis ball or stick in its mouth, walking along with the owner, no other care in the world.

That is a beautiful photo of Maggie the Dog. Thanks for the link (many amusing, great photos). Maggie is so chill.

TGIF: Five Animal Sites Guaranteed to Make You Smile
11/2/12 10:28 PM

Ah, a Hudson's Bay Multistripe Point Blanket in the classic colourway - a purchase you will never regret. A classic that has endured and continues to endure. All of the colours are amazing!

I wish I could have the canoe!

Fantastic Fireside Fun: Wooden Stools, Blankets & Flashlight The Friday MORNING Scavenger
11/2/12 10:13 PM

The garden/landscaping/greenery is beautiful. The dog is very cute.

This is definitely not for me, but to each their own. I'm all for acquiring some items that are sentimental in nature (travel, inherited), unfortunately there is just SO much stuff that the "special" quality for most of it is lost. My allergies would be out of control with so many dust mites, regardless of how clean one tries to keep the place.

JoAnn & Dan's Creatively Collected Home House Tour
11/2/12 07:59 AM

Pic 1 - that's one beautiful brass kitchen hood/exhaust. Also, just that snapshot of the kitchen - stove, counter, cupboards and their hardware, is inspiring.

Pic 7 - bed with canopy for fabric and curtains...never would think this is something I'd be drawn to (in brass, anyway), but absolutely am now! Quite lovely.

Metallic Color: Beautiful Brass
11/1/12 10:01 PM

Based on these pictures, I’m fond of the Tyler and Nixon sofas and the Reese sofa with chaise. Love each style and shade of blue. The Cleveland sofa is also very cool. I wish I had access to a Thrive store; I'd would be happy to acquire the Tyler sofa. I've saved images of those I like the most, if I need to show what I'm looking for or to have it made - a dream at this point.

I recognized that I do gravitate towards blue and would now name it my favourite colour. I wear a lot of neutrals (black, grey), and my home is neutral. But over time I noticed that when I've bought colour, it has been blues (and greens). It was just a funny moment when I went: ‘I clearly really like blue!’ I had to admit that I was always choosing a beautiful blue in something (mainly clothing).

10 Blue Sofas in All Shades, Shapes & Sizes
11/1/12 09:53 PM

Certainly a unique and admirable space. Very well thought out and tastefully done. Feels fresh, airy and peaceful. Awesome that you've had the help and craftsmanship of your Dad. Love all the windows and the natural light. The hits of blue as inspired by the cool chairs - a great find! - are a nice touch. I also particularly like the dining table & chairs, and the coffee table as well. The separate stainless steel counter/shelf in the kitchen works very cohesively with the kitchen, and the kitchen too looks great within the open space.

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/30/12 10:23 PM

I like the owl one!

Everything in Its Place: 8 Shower Caddies
10/29/12 07:54 AM

Enjoy the open space. Why must you fill it up or separate it off? You could, however, add another chair in the living room area.

Otherwise, it's always great to have more prep space in the kitchen, hence an island with seating would work. This would be inviting to guests who often gravitate to the kitchen.

Ideas for Big Empty Space Between Rooms? Good Questions
10/25/12 09:13 PM

@ ome, see the AT link above for the full tour. The home is lovely and warm.

Cozy Cinnamon Sofa & Vintage Portrait Roommarks
10/25/12 08:31 PM

Your home is lovely. I think it's great that you have the top two floors, rent out the bottom, and have peace and quiet on the top floor. Awesome that you have so much light and unobstructed views on the top floor. It's true that a home is built over time with distinctive and special items and furniture. I agree re: too much stuff, but you're on the editing tip. When you enjoy your home and design and decor in general, it's hard not to be in an acquisitive vein.

Sarah's "Farmhouse Vintage Modern" in Logan Square
House Tour

10/25/12 08:29 PM

a correction to my earlier comment: diligent (not vigilant) if you're pursuing an item(s) through craigslist.

Dining Chair Suggestions for Inherited Carved Wood Table? Good Questions
10/25/12 07:56 PM

I agree that a very modern chair (Eames, Panton, other suggestions), would be off the mark here (especially given the other antique/traditional furniture in the room). I understand a desire for marrying the traditional table with a more modern element, but this table's structure and appearance makes it very challenging to find the perfect modern chair companion. You could go with the classic Emeco Navy Side Chair with Natural Wood Seat (and maybe a couple of arm chairs on the ends, which could be set to the side when not being used for dining). You could also go with the classic Navy chair. (I myself did acquire some off craigslist very economically, so if you're vigilant about checking the site in your area, you never know). Caveat: the metal is cold! So I do recommend (and use) a simple, low profile chair pad for the comfort of guests. You could also go for the colour option with the 111 Navy Chair. The great thing about these chairs is that they are classics and will endure; are comfortable and visually appealing, very durable and are guaranteed for life.

I love a French Bistro Chair with a crossback, but the chair is probably too disproportionate for the table. A traditional French Bistro Chair in many shapes and patterns would work with your table. I also think that a simple parsons chair in leather (or good looking vinyl/pleather), for durability, would be a good choice.

Dining Chair Suggestions for Inherited Carved Wood Table? Good Questions
10/25/12 07:29 PM