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Monica, the artist you're looking for is Paulina Reyes ... it was spelled incorrectly in the slideshow tour. She is a designer/illustrator in NYC who has designed for kate spade and etc. Her site does not have those prints, but you could probably email her. :D

Apartment Therapy New York | Inside Out: Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool!
3/14/08 01:04 AM

well, if you can't afford a tub like that ... there's a great hotel in slo that has them in several of their guest rooms. check out the sanitarium spa in san luis obispo. great modern decor too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Metal Bathtub
3/13/08 02:45 PM

You can also look at some of the affordable sofas through

This one:

Or even this one, which is only 62" wide:

These are a bit more substantial than the Lillberg, even though I like the modern lines and openness of the Lillberg model.

Good Questions: A Budget Small Sofa for this Space?
4/27/07 04:53 PM