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People move around a lot. I think it's great, you've lived the same place for 22 years. That's truely a home.

Phil and Annette's Prospect Park Home House Tour
4/24/14 01:00 PM

I'm a bedroom short. Just a teeny tiny one to fit a queen size bed.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/31/14 02:48 PM


Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/9/13 01:36 PM

Waddle into the shower where I usually stand for 10 min. before I get eyes.

Morning Routine: What's the First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?
10/23/13 12:58 PM

Great space. Light and airy with good mix of old and new :)

Allison and Luke’s Comfortable and Eclectic Apartment House Tour
8/16/13 10:28 AM

It's tough.

For a long time I've been in a downsizing mood combined with a "less is more" attitude. I've sortet my stuff hard and without mercy. Gave the expensive pieces like the Fatboy chair, designer cushions, frames and other stuff away to friends. I'm happy they can make use of it and I can actually see, it's being used. Everything else went to recycle or in the bin. It's been a healthy process for me - A clean storage room equals a clean mind, so to speak. It has made me a happier man, I think.

Still I regret, I threw one certain movieposter out and gave a quilt away to a friend. I bought it with love at the time :) I could go out and buy new ones that were similar, but I wouldn't be the same...

Outbox Regrets: Have You Ever Gotten Rid of Something and then Regretted It?
8/12/13 02:49 PM

Less is absolutely more!

GREAT job!

Jodi's Absolute Favorite Small Cool Contest
5/28/13 04:17 AM

Thank you so much for all the great comments.

To answer some of the questions:

1: Yes, I live here.
2: It's not wallpaper in the bedroom. I peeled it of and this is the bare walls. The structure shows many layers of paint and fix ups. The house I live in dates back to 1886.
3: @ FreshKelly - Where do you live. Thinking of letting my place out as a holiday home, when I'm travelling myself.

Lasse's Great Opportunity Small Cool Contest
5/28/13 03:59 AM

Great seing a contrstant from Copenhagen. As Sandy might know - 925 sqf. is a OK sized apartment in Copenhagen. Most families are blessed, if they got around 1000 sqf. (My apartment is 480 sqf.).

You did a great job - Good idea regarding buying furniture in Berlin - So cheap downthere.


Sandy's Feel Like a Millionaire Home Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 01:35 AM

I think it's true.
I moved into my 480 sqf. Copenhagen apartment 3,5 years ago and it's only now, I actually decied on what furniture to keep, which functions I needed the place to have and what renovation projects, I really need and how they are going to be. In between I tried loads of different ways to use the apartment, moving furniture around - Selling and buying new ones, moving pictures around, painting walls etc.

Does It Really Take Seven Years to Make a Good Home? Good Questions
2/22/13 01:42 PM

Nice crib guys. Love your use of mid-century furniture and the colors on the walls.

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 02:54 PM

I absolutely agree.

I live in a 5 story building where our tiny apartments (400 sqf) have the same layout. As chairman of the co-op new owners visit my apartment to sign papers and I them from time to time. It's a good way to swop ideas for small places like ours. Somehow we always end up talking interior design and the use of our tiny space :)

Non-Creepy Peeping: Getting Inspiration from Neighbors
12/11/12 01:40 PM

It's a Verner Panton "Flowerpot" - One of our prides ;)

The pendant comes in various sizes and colors. I got two in black as well. They give a really relaxed and light. Check out:

Source for this Small Black Pendant Light? Good Questions
11/28/12 03:13 PM

In my street we have made it official.
We have a "second-hand"-room. We all have a key to enter, everybody can leave stuff for other to take and the whole thing is managed by a few people. They decide what can be left and what can't. Mostly furniture, books, electronics, kitchen wear and other things like that. It's situated next to our craftshop which is also avaliable to all street inhabitants.

It works really well!

Do You Swap?
10/19/12 01:10 PM