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FANTASTIC! The place looks great, and so do you! Love all the attention to the small details. Bravo!

Michael's Artistic Koreatown Den House Tour
8/27/12 01:02 PM

This home is BY FAR one of THE BEST home tours on Apartment Therapy. Clean, tailored, sophisticated. No tricks, and in my opinion, no questionable choices. Very well done. I want to live here. Or at least come by for drinks!

Dana and Steve's Sophisticated Small Space
House Tour

5/31/11 01:00 PM

thank you one and all who supported me and my home through out this contest! it was a shear joy and honor to be included in the finals. the exposure has lead to some amazing new opportunities. in fact, you will soon see my home in a national magazine!

there has been a lot written about how this contest should be run, "professional/non-professional" or "homeowner/renter". and whether or not it was fair that i be included in the competition. like "londonurchin" i chose not to respond to any of the negative comments that were posted. (besides you all did a great job of arguing the points amongst yourselves! haha)

however, i would love to clarify a few points.

first, yes, i am a designer. i started my business a year ago, and am now working on my fourth client. but this entry was my own personal home. i do not have access to any more resources than anyone else. i do not have a resale license and i do not shop "to the trade." i shop at flea markets, second hand stores and major retailers, just like everyone else.

second, i am a renter. yes, a renter, i renovated the place myself with very inexpensive upgrades with my own money. why do that for a rental? because to me, it's not a rental, it's my home. i want to feel comfortable in my home and i want others to feel that way too. i worked very hard to get it to that point, with my own money, sweat, (and, yes, some blood and a few tears!)

if you were all to come to my home, i would shake us up some cocktails, tell you to have a seat on the all white sofa, feel comfortable putting your feet up on the plexi coffee tables, and set your drink down on the side table, WITHOUT a coaster! it's just furniture, it's not the smithsonian. i want everyone to feel comfortable in my home. that is why there are all of the pillows and all of the lamps, making the space feel comfortable and inviting. if i were a better photographer, i would have taken pictures at night so you can see how comfortable it is.

like, londonurchin, i am from a small town, (in iowa!) just trying to make it on my own in the big apple. trying to live my dream. i am on my way, and the exposure from this contest has helped immensely, and for that i say thank you.

if you are ever in new york, let me know. i will shake up some martinis, we will put our feet up on the furniture and discuss design tips!

thank you again one and all.


Small Cool 2007: The Winners!
5/18/07 01:27 PM

thank you patrick. and thank you to everyone who supported me and voted for me! i really appreciate all of you comments and feedback! it's nice to know that other people appreciate my look, style and apartment.

East Semi-Finalist #1: Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
5/18/07 07:23 AM

the shower curtain is from "hold everything". (may it rest in peace. haha)
the chocolate brown color is benjamin moore's "classic brown" 2129-10.
the tan in the hallway is benjamin moore's "davenport tan" HC-76.
the coffee tables are from Kartell they are called the jolly table by paolo rizzatto.

East Semi-Finalist #1: Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
5/15/07 07:43 AM

the sofa is from the flea market. it was hot pink crushed velvet when i found it!! there are actually two of them. the other is in storage. i had it reupholstered and added the bolsters .

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/30/07 07:50 AM

the end tables are from west elm.
the silver lamps are from the flea market.
books are in various stacks. some on the coffee table. some on the buffet. some under the console/bar.
the photo taken of the mirror was done on a timer, with the camera being hidden by the art in front of the mirror.
there are actually twelve lamps in the apartment and four overhead lights, all of which are on dimmers. but when friends are in the space, no one notices. they just know they feel very comfortable.
the brown is benjamin moore's "classic brown" 2109-10.
i eat using the two coffee tables, for dinner for two. larger dinners are done buffet style. i had ten people for a fourth of july dinner!

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/29/07 05:49 AM

yes. truly and honestly a majority of the stuff is from flea markets or second hand. every single lamp (except one), every ceiling light fixture, the sofa, the chair, the ottoman under the console, the buffet, the large mirror, and the desk chair are all from flea markets. not to mention a lot of the items in the vignettes!

someone commented about the mirror in the window. that is hiding the air conditioner off season. no need to look at it during the winter!

thanks for all of the positive comments!

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/27/07 04:21 PM