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wow!! my gray little cloud among those beautiful mobiles!! thank you so much!!
celestial and globes are wonderful!!

Modern Mobiles | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/23/10 09:58 AM

Hey don't insult my cat!! she doesn't eat teapot... only because it don't enter in her mouth!!
"credenza" is by Porro design Piero Lissoni

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Organizing Tip: Create Zones In Your Home
1/22/09 11:34 AM

Yes Lovelyrita I want to paint it, but I haven't yet decided the color. You suggest something?I use it for keys, mail, organizer, gloves, sunglasses and it' s enough strong !! I have thought to something else to substain it but for my use it isn't necessary and I love it so..clean!
thanks to all

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | IKEA Hack: Paola's Entryway Organizer#comments
1/15/09 08:50 AM

really creative but your feet have to smell of yasmin!!!
I have a question. Can someone show me the way to store boots? I have6 pairs of boots and they stay always spread on the floor. I start to hate them!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: Creative Shoe Storage Solution
12/4/08 06:28 AM

For cat start spray cat with water, it will change place to scratch. for sofa I cover it with polyester (pile) blanket ikea like Unni, because it don't move like cotton covers, in colors that hide hairs. And also I put slice lemon in plant pots to discourage my cat that loves sit in them and dig.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Stylish Suggestions for Sofa Pet Protection?
11/18/08 05:24 AM

The pink thing is a ceiling lamp called Midsummer Light by Tord Boontje!

Apartment Therapy Boston | International #11: Paola's Color Harmony
10/29/08 12:59 AM

maybe the yellow is wrong, but you had to know that the green is more dark and bright than in foto 7 and 8. that wall is among two windows and I tryed with flash,without flash and with natuyral day light to capture the real colour, but I could not. the real green is similar to foto 6 but more strong.

Apartment Therapy Boston | International #11: Paola's Color Harmony
10/20/08 05:54 AM

I like this place! really nice!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #66: Fiona's Butterfly Color
10/16/08 06:22 AM

Thanks to all of you for positive comments!! Tord Boontje, si è lui, brava Valentina, è inconfondibile! the art work in the first foto is ikea!! and time ago I painted the house behind kitty bowls, thinking to make a wood house for my cat, and that is the front (there is its initial T for TITINA under the door) but never complete that project.may be one day..

Apartment Therapy Boston | International #11: Paola's Color Harmony
10/15/08 01:53 AM