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Dito. Where can I find this rug? Anyone know?

Try This: A Gallery Wall in the Bedroom
4/23/14 08:37 AM

Tasket: these rugs are plastic and can be washed pretty easily. We have a similar one in our kitchen and mostly I just mop up spills as you would normally. Once or twice a month I throw it into the washing machine for a good clean.

5 Tiny Kitchens with Style
4/23/14 08:26 AM

Quick question:

Anyone know where the pendant light in the first picture is from? Would love to have something like this.

Fear No More: 8 Baby Steps to Adding Color in Your Space
3/21/14 05:39 AM

Lovely BEFORE; such a shame this kitchen was renovated.

Before & After: Seth & Allison's California Kitchen Remodel Best of 2013
12/24/13 07:54 AM

Now you mention it, that's all I can see too...

5 Cool Hidden Beds for Small Spaces
11/7/13 03:21 AM

Thanks for your comment. I thought it was just me who couldn't stand this woman. Thankfully I only borrowed the book and didn't buy it; still one hour of my life that I won't get back....

Happier at Home: Top 5 Books for Homebodies
11/4/13 03:32 AM

Oh dear. I would have replaced the tiles and the worktops and left the rest as before. It was lovely. Not that it is ugly now, I would just prefer the "before" a great deal more.

Before & After: Cape Kitchen Gets an Overhaul
10/25/13 10:44 AM

My "baustelle" are windows. Haven't cleaned mine in 2 years and cannot even muster enough shame to tackle one or two of them. Rest of the flat is pretty clean though.

What's Your Cleaning Weak Spot?
10/23/13 09:54 AM

Roomba, honey. Buy one of them, put them on a daily timer. It's not quicker though (even close).

What's Your Cleaning Weak Spot?
10/23/13 09:52 AM

Unless the tyke in question is not your own. Then you are SOL I'm afraid. I feel for you.

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10/14/13 04:41 AM

Ship them off to Daycare. It's what I do.

How To Work from Home (Even a Small Home) without Going Insane Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
10/14/13 04:40 AM

I like your wares, halflighthoney. Not my style but lovely to look at.

Follow Us on the New Etsy Pages!
9/30/13 03:02 AM

House tour please?

Emery's \"Bronx Prohibition\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/26/13 03:14 AM

Ummh.... a picture hanging system? Friends of mine have this in the living room (with transparent nylon cord cables). Once you install a gallery rail, you can swap around your pictures quite easily.

Suggestions for Easily Changeable Gallery Wall? Good Questions
9/23/13 09:24 AM

Alas, too true. I know of no apartment that has a mudroom (even pantries are rare here). But maybe it is a regional thing? I live in a city and space is too much of a premium here -- if it has enough room for a mudroom someone will stick a bed in there and call it a bedroom.

The 7 Elements of a Perfect Mudroom
9/12/13 03:11 AM

Of course it is "lightness" now as they photographed the after-pictures with some decent lighting. I can see the point you are making, no need to hit me over the head with it. Like the new decor though.

Before & After:
Kate & Ellen's Living Room Revamp January Cure Reader Projects

2/5/13 08:07 AM

Thank you for all your comments! I have decided to put a rug down for the moment and leave the flooring questions for the time being. I will paint the walls though; I am thinking of a light pink (same tone as the backsplash but lighter) but my husband is worried it will look like a candy-store. Ah, well. Will paint it back if we don't like it.

P.S. Those worried about my landlord and local Swiss rules -- never fear! My landlord doesn't mind if we change the flooring (some of the tiles are damaged anyway) and he gave this to me in writing. Also, I am Swiss and I think I can handle the locals. Mind, I haven't lived here for 15 years but I doubt it has changed this much.

Ideas for Kitchen Floor in a Rental? Good Questions
1/24/13 03:44 AM