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It does make sense to use encryption to secure any sensitive activity if you think your connection may be eavesdropped upon. This would apply if you are using someone else's wifi, or if someone else has access to your wifi, or you are using a public access point, or quite possibly if you are using the internet whatsoever since there have been wholesale intrusions by governments and others. This could mean using a VPN (perhaps a free one like the basic service of which is quite good, or a paid for one) or using https. Good practice for websites is to switch to https before any sensitive information is sent, and this protects your privacy.

Happily here in the US there has been consumer revolt whenever the ISPs have tried to impose bandwidth caps. They still send up trial balloons but only in areas where there is no competition have companies like Optimum Online and AT&T successfully imposed caps. Most of us have no caps and won't miss bandwidth that we're not using.

Yes there is a possibility that someone could do something to attract police attention while using your wifi. But this happens so rarely I wouldn't worry about it. If you are the one using someone else's connection then obviously you should be polite and not do anything that could get them in trouble.

If the parties involved follow common sense guidelines I don't see the harm. The ISPs are charging incredible markups and using a bit more bandwidth has no effect on them. Anyone who can afford their own, reliable service is buying it.

Neighborly Behavior: Do You Share or Borrow Wi-Fi?
10/17/12 04:51 PM