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FYI: "There's Treasure Everywhere copyright 1996 Bill Watterson. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the context of reviews."

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/10/14 06:12 PM

ARTISTS ABSOLUTELY DO CARE if someone reproduces their work without so much as asking permission, let alone paying the artist - even for personal use. Bill Watterson is against merchandising his characters - he doesn't want Calvin & Hobbes used to sell t-shirts or coffee mugs or bedspreads. That doesn't mean he's cool with people making a copy of his comic strip and reproducing it however they want - for free. Quite the contrary.

Maybe it seems a little nitpicky to some, but I would never reproduce another artist's work without permission - even to blow up into a poster for a kid's bedroom wall - and I certainly wouldn't post a how-to online. Maybe Bill Watterson WOULD be okay with this use - you should ask him.

As far as cartoon strips go: I recently did a book layout for my father-in-law's memoirs from his service in the Korean War, and we wanted to use a Beetle Bailey cartoon to illustrate one chapter. I contacted the copyright holder and there is one fee for personal use, and another fee for printing it in a book for sale - even if all proceeds go to a nonprofit for veterans. We paid that - it wasn't even that much - and got a high-resolution image for print.

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/10/14 05:01 PM

I made a "steal your face" pinata for a deadhead friend's 50th birthday party. It was my first attempt and came out so cool, he refused to let anyone bash it open! I mean, he really got stressed out about breaking it, so we had to carefully cut it open with an exacto knife to remove all the treats, then put it back together and repaired the missing tissue paper. It hangs in his living room. My friend Kathy, who spent hours helping me make this thing, will never forgive him for not smashing it open as intended - ha : D

10 Things To Put In An Adult Piñata
7/1/14 02:58 PM

2nd that - 1) Put everything in the dryer, including the clothes I have on, for 20 minutes before putting away. 2) Properly greet pets. 3) Jump in hot tub with glass of wine.

Do These 3 Things the First 5 Minutes Home After a Trip
6/21/14 02:58 PM

Ah... love it! Love the black chair next to it also...

Before & After: A Tag Sale Hutch Gets a Fresh New Look
6/10/14 03:34 PM

Asking for ideas on how to hide an appliance is fine. Maybe it's unsightly or they don't intend to use it, whatever.

But it's so strange to first describe how they "physically" threw their microwave in a dumpster, and how great a decision that was, but they now are tempted by just LOOKING at this built-in.

Just guessing it was one person's idea to ditch the microwave, and the other just went along with it to keep the peace...

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/5/14 04:48 PM

We have this exact same kitchen, down to the scalloped "gingerbread" trim over the window. I knocked out that bulkhead above the cabinets because there were 12" above it (and the drop ceiling) to the original lathe & plaster ceiling.

Great reno - Love your quartz countertop!

Before & After: A 1950s Kitchen Gets a Modern DIY Makeover
5/17/14 02:22 PM

bleusblue - check out second hand office furniture stores. They'll have these type of chairs stacked to the ceiling! I have a bunch that I actually found stacked outside my office building by the dumpster. They need to be refinished or painted and reupholster the seats. Other than that, still sturdy and comfortable. They were made to be indestructable, but once they get a few stains, offices tend to dump them and buy new.

Before & After: A Heavy, Outdated Dining Table Turns Sleek and Modern
5/16/14 06:20 PM

I've done this same exact project to create large desks/work tables with big old solid wood doors (salvaged from a hospital demo) which ran me $50 each - just slap metal legs on and BAM. The doorknob hole is perfect for running your cords. I think $50 for a big solid piece of wood is an excellent deal. : )

Before & After: A Heavy, Outdated Dining Table Turns Sleek and Modern
5/16/14 06:13 PM

Not to "jump on" an Jamielynne, because I love the after (especially the original brass hardware all stripped of paint and shined up). And I'm sure the restoration is a dramatic change from where it did actually start - but I also would like to see where it started, as well as the restoration in process. Just curious what the piece might've looked like with the 8 layers of paint before it all got stripped down. But like someone else said, probably just forgot to take a pic. Anyway, it is GORGEOUS - great work!

Before & After: A Shabby Dresser Gets Chic
5/16/14 04:02 PM

How about installing the entire cabinet higher above the bed, with the doors open to display some kind of interesting collection?

Before & After: A Cupboard's Rustic Charm Lives On
5/7/14 04:11 PM

Thank you for your thoughtful reply - antiques roadshow always makes people seem like such fools for refinishing furniture.

Before & After: An Art Deco Dresser Is Restored to Its Former Glory
5/6/14 01:39 PM

Oh that is gorgeous work - thanks for sharing!

Question: is there any kind of rule of thumb RE where there is value of an antique finish? My husband has watched so many Antiques Road Shows, he is afraid to touch up or refinish any of our older furniture, even those that could really use it. He wouldn't even let me clean off the gunky build up on the drawer pull hardware on a piece we recently bought!!

Before & After: An Art Deco Dresser Is Restored to Its Former Glory
5/5/14 04:40 PM

Am I bad person because I don't really like having overnight house guests? I mean, I LOVE having people come visit, but I prefer they stay in a condo.

Small Space Hosting: Tips for Welcoming Guests When You Don't Have a Guest Room
4/29/14 04:52 PM

LOVE the cedar chest. I need that. I wonder if it'd be feasible to make all three drawers the same? Would be an excellent storage piece for wool sweaters & blankets.

Great work!

Before & After: From Beige Dresser to Faux Card Catalog Bookcase
4/29/14 04:04 PM

Wonderful! We have a yurt too - it was fun to see how you arranged your round space. Very colorful and cozy, love the nice wood floors. Ours is a bit more rustic and use it primarily as guest quarters - we call it "glamping." I'd love to have a little meditation space like yours - thanks for the inspiration! : )

Erin and Nathan's Boho Backyard Dream Office in a Yurt House Tour
4/18/14 07:25 PM

Ah, looks so simple and clean - nice.

Question: will those white stair treads require a lot of cleaning maintenance?

I have a long dark stairway in a house I'm renovating, and was considering doing something really similar with the white enamel and light grey runner. My carpenter says the white will look dirty all the time, and to go with "battleship gray."

Before & After: A Vintage Victorian Entry Update
4/17/14 03:38 PM

SO funny that picture, Jake can I bear your children?

My first contractor would make booboos (never quite that bad, but...), and his stock response was, "It's the beauty of the wood." 20 years later I still use that line to describe any FU that I don't intend to fix.

Reader Regrets: Jake's Short-Order Door
4/14/14 07:25 PM

GREAT before picture: I can just image "attack cat" curled up purrring on her special chair, and I bet kitty could crawl up inside where it's labeled "FRONT" - I had a cat that loved to crawl inside an old beat-up couch I had back in my college student poverty. You had to be careful before sitting down to make sure she wasn't down in the springs. Love the red duct tape "upholstery" on the arms also.

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/20/14 02:14 PM

Back in the 80s, I had a stint as a wedding gift-registry consultant. We helped couples pick out their china, silver & crystal patterns. There were no spatulas or appliances listed. Occasionally some fine linens and bath towels were listed. Very old school. Do couples even WANT fine china anymore? Anyway, it was almost like pre-marital therapy for some couples to learn how to compromise and come to a consensus together. It seemed mostly the parents' friends and older relatives who purchased place settings.

It's highly entertaining sometimes to go through what couples put on gift registries nowadays! Now that I'm older and getting invited to my friends' kids' weddings, it IS nice to get an idea of what they like. I have more disposable income now than when I was attending my own friends' weddings, and it's kind of awesome to be able to give a lovely gift to a young couple that you know they'll really appreciate for years to come. It has nothing to do with reciprocating the cost of attending the reception. Sometimes I can't even attend. Honestly it's often a way to honor the parents.

A Freewheeling Discussion Of Wedding Registries
10/16/12 05:56 PM