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I have a feeling we're much closer than 5-10 years. I think the hardest part will be speech recognition. But programming in phrases like "Take a picture" wouldn't be so hard, or even just training the robot yourself. Cynthia Breazeal's field is all about learning from demonstration--showing robots how to do a task. So if the robot doesn't already know how to take a picture, the owner could say something like, "I'm teaching you the phrase 'Take a picture'" and then actually pull up the camera app and take the picture. So special API's might not be needed if the owner can train the robot how to do many of these tasks.

I also didn't think the whole thing seemed pointless. I actually thought the video calling app seemed pretty cool. Like how it turns when people are talking so that the person on the other line can see them. I bet that actually works as shown. It probably has multiple sensors that can detect when people are talking and turns toward the direction of the sensor that picked up the speech (although if everyone were talking at the same time it would probably spontaneously combust)

But mostly, I agree with you. If the field of robotics expands as quickly as that of other popular devices (laptops, cell phones, etc), then I would expect this to be replaced by something cooler not too soon after its release. And then it would be sold or dumped into some robot wasteland to scavenge for parts and ultimately fight til its untimely death. It is just the price of an unlocked phone, after all. Nobody cares that it's been programmed to love.

...and I'll probably end up with one as well #geek

'Family Robot' Breaks Indigogo Records Design News
7/25/14 03:16 AM

The AI on it seems pretty impressive though. Unless it was just a well planned out video.

I think the closest we are right now to an affordable house robot is this guy:

Attach that thing to a roomba and jibo's mind and you're good to go.

'Family Robot' Breaks Indigogo Records Design News
7/24/14 10:39 PM

Oh it was definitely my adblock. Who knew!

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 04:18 PM

Lol, breath y'all. The contest is up for a week. The servers are just overwhelmed.

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 02:43 PM

The only place I've voted for. In love. Win.

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 10:47 AM

Make google's image search your friend :)

Does Anyone Have More Info on Plycraft Lounge Chair? Good Questions
5/13/14 09:02 AM

I think it is a room from last year's winner.

Psst...Small Cool is Coming This Week!
5/12/14 02:19 PM

no rugsusa? i got an 8x11 moroccan style rug for $280 during one of their sales

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Rugs for Under $500
5/7/14 12:50 PM

great post!!

The Color Wheel: Your Guide to Choosing Perfect Paint Schemes
5/1/14 04:20 PM

I have that sofa. Jcpenney furniture outlet has it for $840! And I had a 25% off discount so i got it for a bit less than $650!

Lindsey's Life in the West Loop House Call
4/27/14 02:03 PM

Lol, I agree with that. I wouldn't be surprised if I shot myself in the foot with a nail gun while standing on a giant ladder. If I didn't, though, I wouldn't necessarily call it a crazy carpentry skill.

Before & After: An Entryway That Goes From Beige to Wow With a 3D Pattern
4/19/14 10:29 PM

This. Haha I was like really? The Pythagorean theorem? Agree that the result is nice though, and the "crazy" math skills paid off

Before & After: An Entryway That Goes From Beige to Wow With a 3D Pattern
4/19/14 04:27 PM

Well now I'm convinced you guys have some sort of tracker in my search engine. I just looked up diy wall tiles today. Get out of my google!

Lol I kid, but this happens so often it scares me!

Before & After: An Entryway That Goes From Beige to Wow With a 3D Pattern
4/19/14 04:25 PM

you guys need ad block plus. I've never gotten a pop up ad on here

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 12:47 PM

she's 92..

Buy the Contents of Iris Apfel's Storage Units on One Kings Lane Design News
4/3/14 01:08 PM

Agree with the others. It's one day. Lighten up.

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 01:53 PM

Here's a diy that looks like this. It uses clamps and ikea boxes:

Target also sells something somewhat similar:

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Muuto Stacked Shelves? Good Questions
3/26/14 03:56 PM

Get it from rugsusa during one of their 70% off sales (which they have like every month). I got this 8x10 for 280:

Sarah and Lou's Dream Rental A House in the Hills
3/21/14 12:56 PM

Gotcha. Thanks!

Inexpensive Improvements: Room Changes for Under $100 Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/19/14 02:24 PM

No, I think I was just expecting something different from this post since it gives a price in the title. I guess I just read too much into it.

Inexpensive Improvements: Room Changes for Under $100 Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/19/14 02:24 PM