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You could wrap the top in zinc

What's the Best Way To Refinish the Top of This Table? Good Questions
12/9/13 09:40 AM

We do this in our back yard several times a summer and October for a kids Halloween party. Bug spray and a firepit (smores too) help with the bugs. Our favorite part are the fireflies, frogs, bats and other night critters while watching a screen. Even have had a few shooting stars. I wanted a large screen and just use the biggest painters canvas dropcloth from box hardware store. We get hay bales for the Halloween party for seating for the 30+ kids in costumes.

An Outdoor Movie Party Gatherings From The Kitchn
8/23/13 06:07 PM

That Texas Mountain Laurel is my favorite too!

Why Grow That, When You Can Grow This? The Gardenist
3/7/13 08:01 PM

Dig your Moscow Mule Mugs!!!!!! Great home!

Nick & Jason's Preppy Meets Kitschy Home House Tour
1/12/13 05:34 PM

My wife and I are Texans and wanted to add some Lone Star heritage to our home in Connecticut and settled on a reproduction flag, not as overtly Texan as some but still with meaning us

Love Your State: Texas Edition
12/3/12 04:52 PM

Cheers for the Moscow Mule!!!

Party Intelligence Gathering: What's Your Favorite Cocktail?
11/14/12 08:28 PM

While I have always wanted one of these, I finally sat in one and found it disappointing as it is not made for tall people, the back only came to the middle of my back.

Modern Classics: Eames Lounge & Ottoman
9/11/12 10:03 PM

Nice playlist! I grew up in East Texas too! Tyler, TX

Classic Americana: Playlist for a Memorable
4th of July Party

6/26/12 04:59 PM

Beautiful! I imagine it feels amazing to step inside on the stone floors after being in the Texas heat.

Megan & Stephen's Off-the-Runway Estate Tech Tour
3/7/12 09:30 AM

sink source?

Before & After: Lightening Up a Guest Bath
Thistlewood Farm

1/24/12 01:25 PM

we love our jotul, super efficient burning, very toasty.

Alternative Heating for Old Farmhouse?
Good Questions

11/18/11 01:22 PM

suppliers for the floor in #7?

Bright, Bold & Old: Antique Dining Chairs with a Twist
9/8/11 07:36 PM

We have the storytime rocker and the DWR Risom. Both are great! don't pay full price for the storytime it is always on sale somewhere with free shipping. The Risom is at the DWR outlet for 40% off!

Rock-A-Bye Anyone: Modern Rockers & Gliders
9/8/11 02:35 PM

it looks like a few of the black and white hex tiles are off pattern. That would drive me crazy. But very nice.

Before & After: Two Makeovers, One Month
9/7/11 04:18 PM

Large Ceramic Vase above the bed in image 9 look like an accident waiting to happen

Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2011
Color Therapy

7/26/11 01:42 PM

it almost looks like paintings taken off the stretchers and applied to the chairs

One Great Idea: Countryside Imagery on Vintage Chairs
7/15/11 07:17 PM

we have a chesterfield sofa from their older line, very comfortable and the fabric is amazingly childproof. I enjoy the "unique" gifts in the holiday catalog, but that is about it now.

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
3/29/11 09:49 PM

Comments are helpful in the Reader Questions, or for sourcing purposes, but in general I don't find them interesting whether positive or negative. They do however make it a pain when trying to sift through to get to the helpful comments. Maybe the editors could ad that "Hot or Not Vote" to posts for those who feel they MUST share their judgement.

Before & After: Thrifted Velvet Couch
The Brick House

3/24/11 04:39 PM

party looks awesome. and we're neighbors!

My Party: Baby Sandy
Norwich, CT

11/23/10 06:01 PM

I am a big fan of unique fall fruits, but I would have an overwhelming urge to drop one (o.k. several at once) over the side just to watch it splat.

Lancaster County Pumpkins on a Manhattan Rooftop
11/15/10 04:57 PM