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6' Ceder fence with baseboards were $25/ft in suburban Houston. It included setting posts in concrete, baseboards, and carrying away the old fence.

How Much Did it Cost to Build a Wooden Privacy Fence? Reader Intelligence Request
6/13/14 12:19 PM

Individual pieces are your best bet. But I registered and got a Le Creuset 7 piece set, and it has been amazing. I already had a dutch oven, 3 quart saucepan, and a non-stick pan, so I didn't feel like I needed much else. Look at what you have, and see what you want to upgrade/replace to decide if a set is really worth it.

Should I Register for a Set of Pots & Pans or Individual Pieces? Good Questions
2/12/14 03:45 PM

Emapnadas are fun. Check Smitten Kitchen for a recipe. We've also done gnocchi.

Recipe Ideas for a Food-Loving Couple to Cook Together? Good Questions
10/15/13 11:53 AM

A thermometer or some nice stainless steel measuring spoons or cups.

What's the Best Way to Spend $25 at Williams-Sonoma? Good Questions
8/12/13 04:19 PM

Smitten Kitchen has a great zucchini fritter recipe!

Help! What Can I Do With Giant Zucchini? Good Questions
7/26/13 11:42 AM

I used Wedding Wire. ( The basic system is a database type system, which is how I think anyway. While it's interface isn't the best, all the functions were there--budgeting, guest list, keeping track of gifts, and keeping track of RSVPs. I had an RSVP list for the rehearsal dinner and a list for the reception. Guests invited to both events saw an RSVP option for both, while guest invited to the reception only saw the RSVP for the reception. My sister had different meal options, so I set up that option for guests too. I did the seating chart on the website too. I had all my guests RSVP on the website. I had my husband set up the website because I don't have the patience to fight with the formatting. For the website, you choose the template/design you like, and add the buttons you would like. Best of all, it was free.

Well-Designed Wedding: The Best \"Wedsite\" Wedding Site Options
6/6/13 02:25 PM

Thank you thank you thank you! This is exactly what I've been looking for!

Free Botanical Art Prints for Your Walls
6/5/13 01:06 PM

Ah. Thanks barlowgirl! Looks like it's going on my board too.

A Peek Into An Evolving Room
12/18/12 07:03 PM

Where did you get that coffee table? I've been looking for something similar. Thanks.

A Peek Into An Evolving Room
12/18/12 01:55 PM

I don't know, but reminds me of this:

Source Pillow from "The New Normal"? Good Questions
10/15/12 01:23 PM