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Looks awesome! Do you like the Ikea desk? I've thought about buying it but I didn't know how steady it would be

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8/29/13 02:24 PM

My husband and I didn't have the money for a big vacation so we did a staycation this year in Kansas City. We went to a Royals game, had a picnic in the park, went to the amusement/water park, did a Boulevard Brewery tour, and tried some new restaurants. It was a lot of fun! It was great to do some of our favorite KC things that we normally don't have time for, plus we didn't have the stress of packing or traveling.

I blogged about our staycation if anyone would like to read more about it.

Summer Escape: Anyone Staycationing This Year?
7/12/13 05:38 PM

I was apprehensive of the color having a psychological effect on me, but so far the only thing I've noticed is that I feel happy. It's a color I love and a space I really love being in.

The sectional is from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I believe it's by Ashley Furniture

The chevron table was a DIY project, you can read more about it here:

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Emmie's "Bold Sea Blue" Room Room for Color Contest
10/24/12 07:49 PM