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I've been working out of my home office since 2007. At the beginning I really enjoyed just getting out of bed and going to the computer in my pajamas (that I had slept in), I think because of the novelty of it all. Now, I normally wear comfortable jeans and t-shirt/shirt combo, except when there's an early deadline - I revert back to the pajamas just because I don't want to disturb my partner with noisy closet/drawer doors so early in the morning. If I have a skype appointment I usually spiff up my t-shirt with a nice scarf and make-up. I also have a few pieces of office-ready clothing for meetings and errands.

Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
11/16/13 05:18 AM

As an expat Canadian living in Spain, I've come to love sangria and often do single glass servings - which is the norm in most Spanish households. To a short Bodega glass (the typical wine glass used in Bodegas) I add a couple of slices of ripe peach, ice and two fingers of red wine. I then add some sweetened clear spritzer to fill (you can use Sprite or 7-Up type pop since I don't think you can get Gaseosa in the U.S.). If the peach is sweet enough you don't need anything else.

Ideas for Making Make-Ahead Single Servings of Sangria? Good Questions
7/28/13 07:46 AM

Simply beautiful.

Fold-Out Bar Table from Baker High Point Market Fall 2012
10/15/12 06:14 AM

Simply beautiful.

Classic Designs, Big Impact at
Thomas Pheasant for Baker High Point Market Fall 2012

10/15/12 06:13 AM