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You're right, I need a big 'ol dose of humble so I can stop swinging from the chandeliers in my one bedroom apartment and asking my preacher father for an early dip into my trust fund. Last I checked, AT is a community of people who love home spaces, not personal bashing. Let's take it to the ring for that, honey.

Josslyn's "Castle in the City" House Call
10/15/12 01:17 PM

Hi, I'm Josslyn. Thanks for all your nice comments. Y'all are sweet as pie, and I really appreciate it. I wish AT would have let me submit more than five photos, but that's the deal, folks. To all the not-so-nice commenters, I have worked very hard to build a life and home that I love. I'm not going to feel bad about that for one second. Not even a millisecond.

Josslyn's "Castle in the City" House Call
10/15/12 01:50 AM