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Wow! Thanks for the post, sarahrae!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Find: Billy Bookcase Makeover Tip
5/6/09 03:07 PM

hey first5times, it's not so much a matter of the distance when it's an innercity move but more a matter of stairs (& how many flights) vs elevators.

for example, my 4th floor 1bdrm walk-up was moved into a 2 bdrm first floor apartment for $400

my current 1 bdrm 17th floor, huge freight elevator into a 2 bdrm first floor has been quoted at $300 (but also up to $500 from the people I obviously didn't go with).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Open Thread: 103
3/27/08 06:38 PM

is it silly to get a king sized blanket for a queen size mattress?
our big down comforter is heavy enough to actually stay over us while we're sleeping; but in the summer without it, someone always ends up stealing the blankets. thoughts?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Open Thread: 102
3/19/08 05:26 PM

a resounding 3!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pick Your Favorite: Green Bathroom
3/18/08 06:15 AM

a haiku:

Rumpled constantly;
Polished I'm never and my
knitting is not blocked.


pretty please!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: 3 Pro Compact Steamers from Rowenta
12/5/07 12:58 PM

Ok, this might sound a wee bit silly but I haven't had radiator heat in ages.

A big chunk of ours walls have giant radiators. Giant as in surface area but they're mostly built into the wall. Can I put things in front of them? like an open backed bookcase or upholstered bench (for extra seating)?

Or will it damage the furniture & make our apartment cold?

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 83
11/7/07 06:41 AM

My boyfriend & I are furnishing our first just-the-two-of-us apartment (we previously lived with 3 other boys!); we essentially had no furniture of our own aside from our trusty futon, which we're bidding goodbye to this weekend in favor of the Axis sofa bed from Crate & Barrel.

We will be purchasing bedroom furniture in the next month or so & have tentatively picked out the Loop bed from Crate & Barrel but I was wondering how sturdy their beds are? I just want something that lasts for 10ish years & not get squeaky on us (like the metal frame that came with our excellent mattress). Any thoughts? Anywhere else to look for a good bed frame?

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 78
10/1/07 08:51 AM

I like the idea, however, I am never going to spend $35 on a coloring book.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?: Coloring Book for Adults
9/11/07 08:59 AM

i despise cooking.
i will do any other chore. anything. clean the bathroom, do the dishes, laundry, emptying the catbox, whatever! i just hate cooking!

Apartment Therapy - Laundry Day
8/27/07 09:54 AM

Someone was looking for instruction to make their own lightbox a while back & I found a pretty good tutorial here.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 72
8/22/07 08:01 AM


breakfast place to die for: Wishbone.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 71
8/17/07 07:12 AM

This is probably a little gross but...

We have cats. Cats have hairballs. That requires paper towel, right? I can't put the kabosh on them entirely.

Best Products: Paper Towel Alternative Twist Euro Cloth
8/8/07 10:39 AM

this was awesome.
it made me happy to see people who get as excited as i do about fonts.

Helvetica, The Movie
6/19/07 11:03 AM

we have a vanilla reed & glass diffuser from target in the bathroom. it's very simple and pretty. they have a few other fragrances other than vanilla but i cannot think of them offhand.

otherwise, open all the windows, especially right after it rains.

Good Question: Home Fragrance?
6/15/07 11:22 AM

i wish i knew where that purse is from.

Design Boner B-day: Sweepstakes!
6/7/07 01:38 PM

my daily browsing has come to a severe stop.
lame. lame. oh so lame.

List Pic Blocked!?
6/7/07 01:34 PM

betsbillabong: you can purchase omop items on the methodhome.com site. (http://tinyurl.com/26qaj3)

i've never tried them but i am looking forward to purchasing one soon. i like the idea of the swiffer but like so many others have said: the waste that is produces is not equal to or greater than the benefit of convenience.

Hot or Not?: Swiffer
5/31/07 09:30 AM

i was walking past the world market cost plus on boradway at diversey the other night and they have cute little round bistro tables in bright colors. they're probably intended for outdoor use but could definitely work inside.

also: http://tinyurl.com/2blawg
target has some sort of cute choices in their 3 piece dining sets.

Open Thread 58
5/17/07 08:47 AM

i don't see anything cohesive, at all. I'm trying to see some kind of thread that ties things together, like a color scheme or a style but I just don't see one.

The bedroom looks a bit crazy. I love your bedspread; why don't you try to carry those colors through the rest of the space? The purple drawers & the red cloth are just a bit jarring. This is just personal preference here but those lean-to pillows make me cringe. Sorry.

#17- Chez Azar: Ruthless Editing Creative Hiding
5/1/07 10:47 AM

it's a nice place- it just doesn't have the wow factor.

#15 - Ginger's Vibrant Family Home
4/27/07 01:35 PM