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I agree with white, it might not be very exciting, but it will look bright, clean, and tie in with the bath, sink, grout and window frame. If you are desperate for colour add it with accessories you can change like towels. Painting the walls a contrasting colour like blue/green will make the room appear smaller, busy for your eye and therefore not so calm or relaxing.

Color Suggestions for Travertine Tiled Bath? Good Questions
10/13/12 09:00 AM

I agree the natural beauty of the marble should be the hero and not have to fight with any other pattern or busy detail, but the room needs some drama. I think a dark gray coloured wall or walls would be perfect and add mood while also complimenting the gray in the marble. A large mirror would also open up the space as well as being useful

How To Fit Modern Bathroom into Industrial/Turn-of-the-Century Decor? Good Questions
10/13/12 08:49 AM