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I love the pantry and the glass front cabinet! I'd love to find one off of Craigslist or something, one day! And a grey sofa..

Btw, just wanted to say that we have the same last name! I've never really met anyone who had it! lol

Hillary & Michael's Refined Roost House Tour
6/19/13 07:42 AM

Just wanted to say that that is a really cool idea and I might try it (if I remember) when I have more cardboard

Make This DIY Cat Scratcher Old House New Tricks
5/9/13 05:40 AM

I love it and I'm sure my Peanut would love it too :)

Before & After: Merrill's Side Table Pet Bed
5/9/13 05:18 AM

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

Before & After: Rescuing a Dumpster Dive Dresser Art is Beauty
5/9/13 05:08 AM

omg this is amazing!! I LOVE IT!!!

Before & After: Rescuing a Dumpster Dive Dresser Art is Beauty
5/9/13 05:07 AM

I have this EXACT same dresser and I'm going to redo it, I'm going to omg.. get ready for it.. PAINT it! LOL Anyways, i love that you've painted it white.

Before & After: A Beautiful Vintage Dresser Gets a New Look natty by design
5/9/13 05:07 AM

I absolutely LOVE this!!

Before & After: A Modern Revamp On A Budget Design *Sponge
5/9/13 05:04 AM

I absolutely LOVE this! This is so close to home in my personal tastes (and literally, I live in Rochester)! This is definitely going to be part of my inspiration and design ideas!!

Kacey's DIY Decor Small Cool Contest
5/9/13 04:58 AM

Your brother's idea is fantastic. Wish I could do that but I have black and white pets.

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4/29/13 12:39 PM


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11/28/12 04:35 PM