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Great article! Notebooks are my biggest weakness, I have way too many. Lined ones for writing, gridded ones for drawing typography, and blank ones for normal fun drawing. I'm a sucker for cute designs and nice paper. BUT, I will never, ever get rid of them (except maybe as a gift) because I love them all and eventually they'll get filled.

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/9/14 02:25 AM

This post has some nice ideas! The point about removing friction is especially helpful.

The babyish argument about the pillow is a nice touch too, HA! Loosen up children.

Don't Give Up on Your Resolutions: 5 Easy Tricks Guaranteed to Build Good Habits
1/9/14 02:13 AM

This is really cool. I'm glad the Kickstarter raised enough for this to happen.

Painting the Favelas of Rio: Can Color be a Catalyst for Social Change?
11/6/13 05:47 PM

Got Massachusetts, and I've lived here my whole life. Good deal! This test is a little weird though, I expected it to be longer.

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
11/4/13 08:01 PM

Hey, I did the Boston University thing too! (still doing... whatever) CFA 4 life

One Minute Tip: The Firefly Jar Lamp Apartment Therapy Videos
11/4/13 07:18 PM

Oh man, my cat would love this too. I love that this is super easy to make!

Bucket Seat: DIY Mini Ottoman Brit + Co.
10/18/13 04:49 PM

The fabric seems a little odd to me (which could be personal taste), but WOW! That's impressive.

Before & After: This Sofa Goes Ticky Ticky Boom!
10/9/13 01:57 PM

I love this. Please marry me and bring your nice couch with you.

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 06:19 PM

This is adorable! I'm in love with the star ceiling.
For anyone interested, here's a tutorial for a similar star ceiling: http://www.kfddesigns.com/2013/05/star-stenciled-ceiling.html

Reed's Soft, Starry Space Nursery Tour
9/20/13 10:00 PM

I love this style, but I know I could never live with a ton of darkness. If I don't keep things bright and airy, my mind starts feeling cluttered. I'm also not elegant enough, haha.

Modern and Moody: Dark Feminine
9/19/13 01:04 PM

Oh wow, I'm loving those countertops. That sink is gorgeous too, especially the legs. Not big on how dark it is or the lower open shelving, but to each their own! It seems much more comfortable than the before.

Before & After: Reclaimed & Recycled Kitchen Redo
8/27/13 07:41 PM

I'm too indecisive to try this, but I love it.

Hello Sunshine: Yellow Floors
8/26/13 12:49 PM

I love living on the second floor of my building. I'm high enough up to stare down at people and watch them like a huge creep, and I don't have too many stairs.

Walk-up World: Pros & Cons of Living on the First Floor
8/20/13 07:06 PM

Haha, this article is brilliant. These are the exact posters they sell at every single college poster sale. Tacky as it is, I have an absinthe poster. I have had absinthe twice in my life. It was pretty OK.

All my other art is perfect. I hoard images I like (paintings, bands, outer space, etc), print them out, and hang them on my wall. This is still acceptable because I am an early 20something in my first real apartment and people will only judge me a little.

What Your First Apartment Poster Choices Say About You The Toast
7/30/13 12:32 AM

@leapkate - Thank you c:

@spikele - Thanks! It is totally important!

Get Happier at Home: Take Time to Notice Small Pleasures
7/29/13 11:57 PM

This is way TMI, but it's important to me and I have no shame ever: My favorite thing about my apartment is being able to look out the window and see the psychiatric hospital. It means a lot to me because I've had issues with depression and anxiety and blablabla, and I wasn't that far off from being there a few years ago. It makes me think about how far I have come since then, and how much better I feel now. And that helps me appreciate the fact I'm not dead.

Smaller less TMI things: I like hearing the train go by, I like my one window because it's huge and lets in tons of light, and I like being able to just roll out of bed and do things since everything is so close by.

Get Happier at Home: Take Time to Notice Small Pleasures
7/29/13 05:07 PM

I'm in love, kitchen piss tiles and all! It seems so cool and secretive.

Before & After: From Public Restroom to Home Sweet Home The Telegraph
7/22/13 10:46 PM

I totally get the frustration of this. I've been living in my own apartment for a year, and I still have no sofa/loveseat/futon because I'm too intimidated by the prices. I've been eyeballing one at Target, but it's tricky because I'm terribly cheap and refuse to spend over $100 on anything unless I'm in love with it. This is still socially acceptable because I'm a student. goodwill/craigslist 4 life or until I get bedbugs xoxoxox

Apartment Therapy's Sofa Shopping Guide
6/20/13 10:54 AM

Awwww, this is lovely! Herringbone was definitely the way to go. Now I want a tiny herringbone planter of my own.

Before & After: Jenna's Revamped Planter Stand
6/18/13 10:05 AM

You guys are so silly. Of course none of these are foolproof, and it's not like AT just revealed some big secret hiding spot for valuables. People have been hiding money in old mayonnaise jars forever. And even though a lot of thieves check these places, they're still probably going to start opening drawers and cabinets before they start going through your food and tampons. These are small suggestions to use in addition to whatever you're already doing, not alternatives to locking the door.

ANYWAY... I like these ideas. I have a studio apartment, so there aren't many hiding spots. It's nice to have a few extra ones. These are also nice for hiding things from friends/relatives that you may not want them to see. Like sex toys, prescriptions, and your ~*secret journal*~ or something.

8 Secret Spots to Hide Valuables at Home
6/18/13 10:00 AM