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There is pretty much nothing that primer and paint won't take care of. One of our daughters did a most amazing interpretation of the Prayer of Saint Francis covering a 12 foot length of her bedroom wall. It was her space, her home, despite the right of "ownership" of us, her parents. I loved her expression, and it was easily changed by the next owners. Yes, the downside was I could not bear to paint over it before we moved so we included a "paint" allowance when we sold the house.

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12/4/12 05:14 PM

We have a "skirt" that we have used in the past. This year i think we will use an old chenille twin bedspread. I like how it grounds the tree, and yes, by Christmas morning it is barely visible.

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11/29/12 04:48 PM

Bolder numbers vertically to the left of the door could visually enlarge the space. I love the door color!

Before & After: Turquoise Front Door In Between Laundry
10/12/12 06:24 PM