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I've made surfaces in my house more or less desirable to the cats, then I decorate as I please. Someone already suggested double stick tape, and it does work. I display a fragile glass star on a small lawyer's bookcase, so I put double stick tape on it for a while first, until the cats learned that they did not care to be on that bookcase. Now that they view it as a lousy place to be, I've removed the tape and displayed the star.

You can also put change or pebbles in empty soda cans and line them up along the front so that the cats have to knock them off to get up, and the cats won't like that. That's not a good method if you like to sleep through the night, though... Tape is much quieter.

My cats have a cat tree and a cat door, but they still want to sharpen their claws on my furniture, so I tape the corners of the loveseat with clear packing tape. Doesn't look bad, and again, makes it undesirable.

I keep a sheet over the bedspread and I put towels down on their "spots" on the loveseat so that I can clean the sheet and towels instead of trying to remove cat hair from the bedspread or sofa.

The only problem I haven't solved yet is that I live in the humid South and like rattan and cane furniture, but the cats like it too....

Hope some of this helps you!

Cat-Friendly Decorating Ideas? Good Questions
10/12/12 10:32 AM