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Actually Kang-nam covers a great expanse of space south of the river - The relatively smallish area that has the 'famed' Rodeo Drive is called Apgujeong-dong which is both a residential and shopping district in the Kangnam. Most of Kang-nam is not all that glittery but when compared to the rest of Seoul, it has its sparkle. Just outside Kang-nam Underground/Metro Station is the spot to meet friends or that new BOY friend. Temporarily tall skiiiinny girls totter about on their high heels hand-in-hand, smiling like big headed full-face make-up lollipops and with even bigger smiles! HOW fun & funny. I had an apt in Kangnam near the underground for a few years - rented for me by Samsung while I was teaching ESL for their fashion school. Luckily, it wasn't too expensive because they got one for me on the 4th floor - four is the BAD LUCK number in Asia. It was sterile as all heck but a luxury apt in Seoul due to location and newness. Wish I had loved living in concrete - btw - opa is a term for a younger single guy/man who is your friend, maybe work colleague. You can call any guy that until he marries. After that he he is called agasi ( - he's old - no fun - done). K-pop has been going since 1997/8.

Gangnam Style: Home Edition
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