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Love that you saved an unwanted piece of furniture from being thrown out.

Before & After: From TV Armoire to Built-in Banquette Bench
7/20/14 12:58 PM

You had me at the wallpaper--seriously, one of the best houses ever featured. Every detail perfect, original, fantastic. Cliche-free.

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 12:27 PM

Very sweet and simple. Perfect.

Colin & Archer's Peaceful, Playful Blue Room My Room
6/23/14 04:23 PM

This is like a jewel box. Every inch is perfect. One of the best tiny houses I've ever seen.

Vina's Minimal Impact on the Earth Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:22 PM

We have a small number of bedrooms (3, but two are super-tiny) and three children. My younger two share one room because my pre-teen needs the extra space more.

But we make sure they each have private space. Both of the older two have their own desks--two desks, actually, one for schoolwork and one for art and tinkering. We also have a loft in our backyard studio that is perfect for hanging out, listening to music, and watching the leaves of the trees, in short, being alone.

If you think creatively, you can create privacy and great places to play outside the bedroom.

A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living Comment of the Day
6/7/14 12:46 AM

That seems like a lot of stuff to schlep around for a day trip. The radio, in particular, seems like a bother--if you are listening to the ocean, why add canned music? And will everyone else around you want to hear yours?

I take a soft-sided cooler bag--like the kind that's designed for carrying frozen groceries--because it doesn't bruise my legs as I carry it from the car. The cabana I can definitely see, and the towels. I goop my kids up with mineral-based sunscreen at home, then just take a stick to refresh the sunscreen on their faces at the beach. I can't imagine that a sunscreen wipe would leave enough behind to do any good--plus, it's likely to be a chemical-based sunscreen, which may not actually prevent skin cancer.

Also, if you are dreading a trip to the beach...you're doing something wrong. Try leaving half the gear at home, go lighter, and leave when everyone's tired of being sandy and salty. More fun that way.

Essentials for Taking Your Baby Beachside
6/6/14 05:02 PM

Seriously cute rug. You did that yourself? It turned out great!

Nicole's Little Oasis Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 04:31 PM

I would add a light-colored tablecloth. If the top is somewhat damaged, a thicker tablecloth could be topped with a glass or plexiglass piece that would function as the actual table-top.

Ways To Lighten the Look of a Mahogany Dining Table? Good Questions
6/6/14 02:17 PM


That is all.

Alek's Human Scale Home Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 01:22 AM

Beautiful! What a sweet little nest.

Laura's 20 Year Home Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 08:56 PM

This is such a cute, cottage-y home! I especially love that your whole family fits in less than 700 square feet. Way to show that having children does not mean supersizing your whole life--or losing your sense of taste!

Cristin & Zach's Little Family Home Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 06:14 PM

Great space! This one is nearly as clever as the minimus house, and is an apartment to boot!

Adele's Adorable Cottage Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 04:38 PM

This is a great source list!

The Look For Less: Ruby's Room On A Budget
5/23/14 03:09 AM

Love the toy rotation shelves. The whole thing is so bright and cheerful!

Sam & Lars' Happy Hand-Me-Down Room My Room
4/29/14 03:36 PM

This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I love how cozy and warm it feels. Great job!

Audrey's Homemade Haven My Room
4/8/14 05:14 PM

Super sweet. The mobile knocked my socks off--I'm inspired to make one for my three-year-old. The whole thing is darling.

Lucy's Impossibly Pink Nursery My Room
3/28/14 10:45 PM

Mike, I was just about to comment--the so-called "putty knife" is actually, well, I know it as a five-in-one. (What's the extra tool?) Both are very useful when it comes to preparing walls--but they do different jobs. Two sizes of putty knife--plastic is fine--and a metal, sharp five-in one, and you'll be golden. A palm sander is a nice bonus.

If you get a powered drill, get a Li Ion one. They are much lighter, and better powered for the weight. Bosch makes a great one.

DIY Supply Spotlight: 12 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have
3/25/14 07:29 PM

Beautiful! This would be a great house tour!

Lindsay's Lovely Southern Vintage Home House Call
3/15/14 04:36 PM

For SF Bay Area readers, European Sleep Works is the place to go. We've had ours for 10, yes, ten years, and it's as comfortable as the day we bought it. We always come back from trips delighted to lie on our own bed. Love it.

Real Life Reviews: Reader Love Letters to Comfortable Mattresses Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/12/14 10:37 PM

Actually, Ikea cribs are some of the safest on the market; they refused to sell drop-side cribs long before those were banned, and their cribs are safe enough for the European markets. My six-year-old used to climb in my baby son's crib and the two of them would jump up and down, before I caught them and stopped them. The crib didn't even budge.

Crib posts always bring the safety-police comments out. I think the fear of crib-death is so strong that people can't help themselves. But spending more money on a crib, without understanding how it is constructed and what the actual crib dangers are, won't protect kids.

Make It Yours: A Dozen Ideas for Customizing a Basic Big Box Store Crib
3/7/14 06:11 PM