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This is how robots will take over the world.

This Cooler Does Everything Except Mix Your Drinks. Wait, No, It Does That Too.
7/28/14 05:52 PM

That's a really great idea! But do I really have to use tape from the florist? I can't use the same tape I use to wrap presents?

One Minute (Pro!) Tip: How To Arrange Flowers Using Tape Apartment Therapy Videos
7/28/14 04:40 PM

Yeah, is that John Cheever in that painting?

How To Make the Most of Wall-to-Wall Carpet Renter's Solutions
7/25/14 09:36 AM

You've got stacks of stuff on your piano keyboard cover! Give that thing to someone who will play it!

Caro & Josh's Colorful & Quirky English Home House Tour
7/23/14 06:18 PM

That twin passenger Barbie Boat looks like something out of a James Bond movie! Awesome!

Keep it Green: Upcycling Your Recycling Into Toys
7/17/14 04:09 PM

About ten years ago I noticed how infrequently I used my microwave so I started keeping it plugged in on a shelf in the basement. It's there when I need it and not taking up space in my kitchen!

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/16/14 11:24 AM

I love the thermos wedding. I hope everyone lifted a plastic cap/cup for the toast!

Summer Camp Style: Ideas & Inspiration for Themed Parties and Weddings
7/15/14 01:50 PM

A chair rail helps to contain a gallery wall as well. I have a lot of framed art and it looked like it was drifting away until I added a chair rail to my living room!

The Chair Rail: What It Is and How To Make the Most of It Design Dictionary
7/15/14 01:47 PM

What exactly was the budget on this? Everything that costs anything is done "on a budget." Was this done on a low budget?

Before & After: Cindy's Small Budget Makeover The Big Reveal
7/14/14 10:55 PM

I know it ain't over 'til it's over but I think it's over.

Lenny Kravitz Releases Wood Flooring Line Design News
7/14/14 06:57 PM

What kind of drinks? Must know!

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 12am-2am, Drinks
7/14/14 06:52 PM

A hot beverage (tea, coffee, whatever) on a hot day is what old men tell youngsters as a practical joke. Sorry to break that to you!
Coffee popsicles, on the other hand, sound fantastic!

No Air Conditioner? How to Keep Your Cool No Matter How Hot it Gets Reader Intelligence Report
7/13/14 09:14 PM

Delightful! But where did the sink go?

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/13/14 08:58 PM

I like the kitchen. I wanted to see more of it! Your style is unified but full of surprises!

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/11/14 01:29 PM


The Best Summer Party Ideas Better Homes & Gardens
7/10/14 05:21 PM

Jaw. Dropped.

Can You Guess What Secret this DIY Mirror is Hiding? Home Story
7/9/14 09:10 AM

I love those blue walls!

Beth's New-Meets-Old Beach Cottage Inspired Bungalow House Tour
7/9/14 08:48 AM

You guyzzz! You got me again! Happy July Fool's Day!

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 04:16 PM

Wow! It looks very conducive to cooking and yet so serene. I applaud you for making it through the carrot soup incident. That had to be devastating!

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Garish To Gorgeous
7/1/14 09:23 AM

Nice! Did you paint that circular rug yourself? If so, nice design!

Sara's Scandinavian-Style Downtown Brooklyn Condo House Call
6/22/14 04:27 PM