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It does seem to create extra dishes, but I'm guessing it's to prevent bits of shell getting in the pizza/ dropping raw egg between hard surface and pizza surface/ other messes clumsy folk like me tend to make in the kitchen. The little bowl would give you better control of egg-placement than a half-opened shell.

Recipe: Breakfast Pizza Recipes from The Kitchn
10/11/12 04:34 PM

I find that when I can't turn my thoughts off, I can sometimes "change the channel". I'll re-read a book that I've loved before. I love the story and it pulls me in, but when my eyes start to droop I don't feel compelled to keep reading to discover what comes next. And it gets my thoughts thinking about some fictional issues, which are always easier than real life ;) Especially good are poetic books rich in description, like Michael Ondaatje's books.

Good luck fellow insomniacs!

Steal These Habits For A Good Night's Sleep
10/10/12 07:00 PM