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I love that this is an organized and functional space. The chevron wall is cool but I think it over powers the space. It's what everyone sees first and I don't think that is what you were going for. Maybe you were. The color blue is amazing, I love that. I would have left the arch window as well. As far as the layout, the desk is pretty there, but it creates bad energy in a room to have your back to the door while working. Over all, a great room!

Before & After: Beige Office Made Beautiful
6/11/13 12:15 PM

Great article. I agree that personalities vary when it comes to being organized. For some people, it is not an issue to live among clutter and be happy. I, on the other hand am like you. It drives me nuts.

I do believe that anyone can learn to be organized (If they want to). I am blessed beyond measure that my husband is very organized and always helps me keep everything tidy. Maybe it's because he was raised by a military dad?!?!?

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/6/13 12:18 PM

Go with solid wood! My husband and I made the mistake of going with engineered wood floors. They dent and scratch easily. Solid wood floors can be easy to protect with your pets if you have them protected with wax. I like the fact that you can polish practically anything away.

Bamboo, Cork, or Wood Flooring for (Future) Dog Owners? Good Questions
2/4/13 03:53 PM

What a great idea. It is beautiful. Not sure how I feel about the rough wood on the vanity top. Seems this would be impossible to sanitize. Otherwise it is very nice.

Before & After: From Laundry Room to Rustic Chic Bathroom

2/1/13 12:57 PM

I love it! Great idea for those who think they do not have room for a tree!

Creative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces
11/20/12 12:15 PM

My house is definitely not a copy & paste. I believe in making your home kick your shoes off comfortable. I have long lived by the motto "My house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy." My house may be organized but it's also inviting.

Are You Overstyled?
11/1/12 11:49 AM

We all want to put our best foot forward. However, I learned a long time ago to never apologize for the condition of my house. Since it does bother me that I might get caught with my pants down, I try to keep it as though I could have a guest at any minute. Not perfect but presentable.

But there is one little trick I have. If you do get that unexpected guest, have a small cleaning kit hidden away in your guest bath. So you can excuse yourself for a second and make it fresh without them knowing what you did! :)

Do You Do a Special Clean Up For Visitors or Just Go With the Flow?
10/30/12 06:19 PM

My number one enemy! Insomnia. We have known each other my entire life. Over the years I have found that the things that work for me are, Getting into a bed that is made, if it is not, I will make it before I get into it. Fresh smelling linens and comforters make a difference for me. Also, my bedroom environment needs to be clutter free. Science has proven that if you are trying to sleep in a disorganized mess, it makes it hard to shut off your mind. The last thing you see before you close your eyes has an impact on the quality of sleep. The first thing you see when you wake up impacts your mood for the day. So a clean, fresh & organized bedroom helps you get a deeper more restorative sleep.
The next thing that helps me is reading in bed and taking a hot bath prior to sleeping. It is proven science that the cooling down process of your warm body after the bath has a relaxing effect.

Steal These Habits For A Good Night's Sleep
10/9/12 04:21 PM