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I'm loving these comments. :D I had a LOT of weird eating habits as a kid.

1) I used to eat the hell outta Miracle Whip sandwiches -- only Miracle Whip would do, and it had to be white bread, even though I remember primarily eating wheat bread otherwise.

2) I don't usually pour syrup on my pancakes, and if I do, I pour very very little because soggy pancakes are disgusting. I prefer to spread jam on them, or just eat them plain -- especially if they're full of nuts, fruit or other ingredients. Also, when I was younger, I refused to eat fully-cooked pancakes. They had to be runny/gooey inside (uncooked batter center). I have no idea how I didn't get sick.

3) I loved to sit in front of the TV while my mom made dinner and dip uncooked hard spaghetti strands into McDonald's Sweet and Sour nugget sauce. ...Yeah, I dunno either.

4) Foods could not touch each other when I was a kid, but nowadays I like to have a bite of everything on my plate at once, provided everything is hot and savory. In my mind, multiple foods can be eaten in one bite if they are of the same family: hot, cold, sweet, or savory.

5) Chocolate chip Teddy Graham cookies eaten in a bowl of milk like cereal are the best thing ever. Oh, and cookies like Oreos and Milanos must be dipped in milk one half at a time until they are just soggy enough for easy chewing but not soggy enough they fall apart.

Why Everyone Thinks I Eat My Pancakes Weird
12/8/11 05:57 PM

That is some SERIOUSLY...uh, distinctive... granite in that kitchen. :/ Why would someone pick a countertop material that looks like it's growing mold?

Setting Up Home: Making Inherited Designs Look Deliberate
8/9/11 04:59 PM

Ahoy, fellow CC resident! Glad to see I'm not the only one in the area who appreciates good design. ;) Great job on the room, and @sml, I think I've seen those 3D flower decals (or something similar) at Target.

My Room: Mila
Corpus Christi, TX

7/18/11 04:10 PM

Lerberg shelves are cheap and versatile, though a pain to hang in my experience. We finally decided to hang them in a wave-like pattern to trick observers into not noticing the slight tilt some of them had. *chuckle*


@ giantrobot:
Those look great! How did you manage to hang so many AND get them to sit so straight and level? Mine were a headache of massive proportions, and we only put up 6 of them.

How Do You Store Your DVD Collection? | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/20/10 03:55 PM

I have that station wagon print too! I picked it up at Flatstock in Austin earlier this year -- it was just too cute to pass up. :) It's always kind of neat, for me anyway, to see art I own in other people's houses.

For ec05: It's a limited edition screenprint (or at least mine is limited edition) made by Delicious Design League. :)

Janean and Kyle’s Light and Lively Courtyard Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/2/10 02:59 PM

"in the roll of disguise" -- I believe you meant to type "in the role of disguise". Good article otherwise!

Disguise Your iPad as a MoleSkine | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/19/10 12:31 PM

Is this a recent hack? I haven't seen a shelf devoted to VHS tapes in years... Other than the contents, cool idea. :)

Billy Bookcase Gets A Faux-Rock Makeover | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/13/10 02:23 PM

I am a Delicious Library lover, mainly for media (Blu-ray, DVD, vinyl), but also for books and comics/graphic novels. I just updated my comic book library in the system, and it's perfect for keeping me on track for which issues I am missing from a series. It's also great to be able to mark an item as an autographed copy and mark its original/current value in the details column. Next to update will be books, then vinyl. :)

Organizing and Cataloging Your Home Library | Apartment Therapy DC
5/13/10 01:50 PM

My boyfriend has certain criteria that must be present in order for an apartment to be acceptable. Living rooms must be laid out in a floorplan that accomodates a large flat-panel TV to be hung on the wall with the outlets, with a couch on the opposite wall. Large windows (or, god forbid, sliding glass doors) in a living room bug him because they usually render a wall useless for the purpose of tech or furniture for tech, in addition to making the room too bright for movie-viewing. But the first question he asks at any apartment complex he looks at is: "What cable/internet provider(s) do you have?" If the answer is Time Warner or Comcast, he will walk out.

He's picky, yes, but he will also stay in a place for a long time once he finds it suitable. So, of course, I ended up buying a townhouse that has horrible cable wiring and where the internet routinely doesn't work. He's really, really not happy with me... ;)

Does your Space Pick your Tech or the Other Way Around? | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/6/10 02:03 PM

My local Marshall's has a large selection of metal watering cans, some with gorgeous modern and colorful designs printed onto their surfaces, a few plain galvanized steel models, and some larger copper ones too. Best of all, I think the prices don't go above $20 or so. I snagged a classic galvanized steel can for my patio area, with a removable showerhead, for less than $15.

I also have a teal flexible plastic tub with handles that holds my gardening supplies -- a recycled materials trowel from Fiskar's, some rubberized gloves, and a set of clippers -- total cost, approximately $15.

I agree with the other posters that there are plenty of more frugal (yet still visually appealing) choices for your garden than the items listed above, especially since these are things which are made to be covered in dirt. :) Plus, any money saved on tools can go towards new plants!

Dig It: Modern Gardening Tools Roundup | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/5/10 01:53 PM

Someone may have mentioned something similar, but I've done a quick clean of my (male) friend's spare bathroom (wipedown of sink and faucet, top of toilet tank, etc.) when I stayed there -- simply because I could not bear to use the sink without doing so! This is also the visit where I didn't shower because the tub was so incredibly filthy. Thankfully, I was only there overnight, so I showered when I got home. (The ceiling had partially collapsed sometime in the recent past, and though the problem had been repaired, the tub and bathroom hadn't been cleaned since then... or probably even before that!)

I offered to clean/straighten up his kitchen while I was there too -- with his help and input, of course -- but was shot down. The sink cleaning happened after he had left for work, so who knows if he even noticed. I didn't mean to be insulting, I just know it can be easier to get started on a large project like cleaning when you have some help.

I love my friend to death, but I just don't understand how people can live in filthy conditions when they are not otherwise (personal hygiene-wise) filthy people. *confused*

Cleaning Someone Else’s Home: Helpful or Creepy? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/5/10 01:07 PM

My parents are coming to town to deliver my office furniture along with some gardening supplies and cuttings, so this weekend will be spent finally putting my office together and sprucing up my oh-so-blah atrium and front planting bed. Plus, my office makeover is just in time to enter Unplggd's iPad office contest. I'm so excited! :)

Are You Tackling Any Projects This Weekend? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/23/10 03:20 PM

@dana: Me again. I was asking about the boxes on the shelves, not the shelves themselves. :P If they're IKEA, that's fine -- I just need the name of them. I can't find them just by browsing IKEA's website. :) Please, can anyone help?

And again for good measure, beautiful place you have there. :)

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/13/10 02:55 PM

I second the Companion Cube love. ;) I also love what you did with the Left 4 Dead posters and mats. :) When you said you had built a comic book frame for 10 comics, I thought you meant it displayed 10 comics -- I could use something like that! The actual frame you have is still ingenious, however. Good luck!

Daniel's Gamer's Delight The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/12/10 04:50 PM

Not everyone feels televisions are some shameful secret that needs to be hidden away or disguised within a room. Televisions are a part of life in many people's homes, and while this setup may not be to your (minimalist?) taste, it is not the worst stand/speaker combination I've seen. Those huge speakers probably sound amazing, and at least all the wood matches. :P I do agree with you on one thing, though: IMO, fireplaces are not good places for televisions, especially if the fireplace is still in use.

Regarding outlet covers for cord management:
I found some at Lowe's/Home Depot that are generic access panels for all cords. I can't rembember what they're called, but picture an outlet with a rectangular opening in the center, which is lined with soft bristles on the left and right sides. The bristles "close" the opening, but allow cords and cables to poke through from inside the wall. They were a lifesaver when I mounted my TV -- running individual outlets would have been a nightmare.

How To Choose the Right TV Wall Mount | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/9/10 07:26 PM

I keep seeing those slatted wooden boxes with the slanted fronts lately. (On the shelves in the living room.) Could someone please tell me what they are and where to buy them? The slanted fronts look perfect for a project of mine. :)

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/9/10 06:54 PM

Gig 'Em! I may not ever want to actually live in CS again, but I wish you luck from the class of '06. :)

Patrix's Clean and Coordinated Home Office The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/8/10 05:02 PM

An adoptee (and future stepmother) myself, I second the comment by gypsymama, and, similarly, I love the Cozy Blue "tree" best. I think the trees that only focus on the immediate family sometimes feel the most appropriate for adoptees and those with complicated families -- ones that you can't easily trace or depict all the coupling or "begats". :P

I think every kid makes a family tree at some point, usually through school. I remember feeling as gypsymama did -- I made a tree but didn't feel it was really mine; I wasn't tracing where I came from, after all, but the (admittedly interesting) origins of the people around me. When I turned it in, I felt compelled to tell the teacher that I was adopted, so the tree wasn't really my tree. I suppose actual geneology research would turn up symbols to denote "adopted" and other such placement within a family, but in just about any form, such imagery is another reminder that the adoptee is separate. That's how it feels to me anyway.

Family trees will always be bittersweet -- I love the idea and imagery, but I will probably never have a true tree of my own. But then again, maybe I'm just overly sensitive. :P

Five Takes on the Family Tree | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/5/10 03:06 PM

@ lupinelle: Thanks for the eBay link. :) I have a moderately satisfactory receipt storage solution at the moment, so I'm really in no rush. Plus, part of the appeal of the tins is that they're my mother's and hold a kind of childhood nostalgia for me. *chuckle*

@ googiepoplux: I'm not even sure where my mom got the tins, but I do know Premium crackers are the only saltines I will eat -- all others taste "stale". Premiums are so delish... :D

Genny's Mid-Century Modern Rental House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/31/10 03:24 PM

My mother (a daughter of Louisiana herself) has had 2 of those Premium cracker tins since I was a child -- and probably even before that. To this day, she uses them to store receipts. They are one of the things I want from her house so badly... I just can't seem to find a receipt storage tin for myself that works as well!

Genny's Mid-Century Modern Rental House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/26/10 10:17 PM