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Not a huge fan of the antlers...but everything else looks great! Thanks for the ideas!

Knoxy Knox's Inviting, Modern HomeHouse Tour
12/24/12 02:33 PM

Adorable! Love the colors...never realized how important it is to have an inviting guest room - especially around the holidays - until I stayed in a really crappy one at an old friend's. I'll always put in a little extra effort from now on! Haha

Colorful Duvets for Cozy Guests
12/24/12 02:31 PM

What a great idea! Love thinking of new ways to shake up an old holiday tradition, and an inventive wreath is one of the best ways to do it. I actually saw a few similar ideas on, one about making "garland" out of a clothespin line that you hang in your kitchen, and fixing all your Christmas cards to it with clothespins (tried it this year instead of just throwing them all in a cute!), and a bunch about making wreaths out of random objects, like buttons or ornaments.

5 Fab Greeting Card Wreaths
12/24/12 02:29 PM

Love it! The other day I saw the Wall Street Journal made one of their pages into wrapping paper by printing little angels and snowmen all over it...I thought it was so cool that they were getting on the recyclable train! As a child my grandpa would wrap my birthday presents in the comics :)

ecoChici: Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap Store Profile
12/18/12 11:57 AM

WHAT?! This is incredible. Very similar to the studio I lived in when I first graduated college, and I didn't even attempt a reno because I never thought it would be possible to make it into a space I actually could love. I'm in disbelief! And for the record, I'm a big fan of the overflowing bookshelf. Nothing adds personality to a room like a great reading collection :)

Before & After:
A Studio Facelift in Brooklyn The Sweeten

12/12/12 11:50 AM

Not sure how I feel about the TV area, but that nursery is darling. Love the touches of green!

1929 Architecture, 2069 Interior Decor House Call
12/12/12 11:47 AM

Agree, house tour PLEASE! Those windows are absolutely the dream. And I actually like how dark it is, it seems so cozy, like the perfect place to curl up with Wuthering Heights and a cup of tea :)

Colman's One-of-a-Kind Converted Stable in Georgetown
12/12/12 11:41 AM

Comments are cracking me up. #3 is my favorite. I'm pretty sure I have yet to throw what I'd ever comfortably call a "successful party." Something always seems to go wrong. I should keep some of these tips handy for the future :)

5 Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive
11/20/12 05:05 PM

I LOVE the idea of incorporating foliage into centerpieces. And it doesn't even have to be quite this fancy...if you need some tips on adding some seasonal flare to your home, while keeping it cheap and simple, this is a great article: Also love the color scheme green + gold, very classic, but with the forecast predicting low 60s for Thanksgiving here in the midwest (WHAT?!) I am definitely not getting into the Christmas spirit yet haha

On the Table: Planter Centerpieces
11/20/12 05:02 PM

That rug is gorgeous. Looks like a nice place to take a mom nap haha.

Livvy Lara's Purple, Pink & Homemade Touches Nursery My Room
11/20/12 04:57 PM

Cute comforter, but I've never seen so much white in a kid's room! My nephews would have this soiled in ten minutes haha

It's That Time of Year:
Kid-Friendly Flannel Bedding

10/9/12 12:34 PM

Oh my gosh I LOVE this. I'm kind of an interior design newbie so I'm looking forward to getting new ideas from forums/blogs like these, but I swear this is like everything I've ever imagined and wished I could put together for my own home. It's so open and bright and I love how you've brought the outdoors in. Awesome!!!

Michael's "Brassy 60's Den" Room Room for Color Contest
10/9/12 12:33 PM