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P.S. Just don't tell Michelle Obama that we still feed our kids white pasta...shhhh I don't want the food police in my house.

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
4/28/14 11:59 PM

I too go to the farmer's market, so I often have a cart loaded with carbs, dairy, and wine. I look like a food slacker! I am super fortunate to have food loving toddlers and I am careful to be balanced. They eat their fruits and veggies but I also give them chocolate or ice-cream (or something sweet) everyday for dessert so that they have a healthy relationship with all food groups :)

With that said, I totally get the neurosis that goes along with feeding kids. My pediatrician has made me nervous and possibly a little too obsessed with keeping the plate balanced and worrying about calories. My children are not fat at all, but they are tall and solid (my son looks like a little football player). The pedi gave us the "talk" about watching that our son doesn't skew too far in the weight category (which I get) but it's stressful worrying about calories and a hungry toddler who is growing like a weed. I wish the BMI was used more responsibly, if at all. But that's another topic.

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
4/28/14 11:48 PM

I think it's very functional, it reminds me of the gabrielle system that Pottery Barn is hawking but with more versatility. I wonder if I could make something similar for my entry way, pegs for coats, a shelf for keys and maybe a basket for shoes? Hmmm... Thanks for showing this one off.

Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes Unbelievable
3/19/14 09:42 PM

I whole heartedly agree with this post. I have (just turned) two year old twins, so I am smack in the middle of this. For the commenters who suggested just leaving the toddler and doing whatever, that's great in theory. However, no matter how engrossed my kids are in an activity, they jump up and cry for me the minute I disappear. Usually this breaks the spell they were in making me regret ever leaving the room. I'm sure a 3 or 4 year old is an entirely different ballgame and I can't wait until they are more independent...sigh.

I also find that letting them help with any chores right now leads to more chaos and mess than not. I still let them "help" but I pick and choose. I get tired of refolding laundry and putting the pantry back together after a while, ya know?!

Maybe it's because I'm outnumbered or I've not figured out the proper toddler whispering technique, but for now, just going with the flow will have to do.

One Simple Step Toward Keeping a Cleaner House With Little Kids
3/12/14 09:54 PM

Funny conversation. I am not a germaphobe in the least, but I do wash new clothes. I actually have some brand new just removed the tags Target T-shirts in the wash right now. I really got into the habit after washing baby clothes for my kids before they wear them.

It's more about the chemicals and dyes that are likely in the factory made clothes than actual germs.

Germ fearing people shouldn't even try on clothes, what's the difference of 2 minutes or 2 hours of wearing pants covered in fecal matter? LOL Both are gross but we are built to withstand gross on a daily basis. No worries!

2 Completely Disgusting Reasons to Wash Before You Wear
3/3/14 03:31 PM

I have an ombre rug from West Elm in dark blue to light grey blue in my family room. I too am going crazy because like the original post mentions, it shows everything within literal minutes of vacuuming! Any dirt or lint from socks transfers immediately, every crumb my kids drop (who wants to eat every snack at the table, me included?!) is there for all to see. If I didn't love this rug soooo much I might be tempted to look for something else in a lighter shade. On the plus side(?), I vacuum it nearly every single day.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 02:01 PM

This posting rubbed me the wrong way.

I think it's naive and self absorbed to imply that driving a car is wrong and "wasteful". I know in very isolated situations it can be done, like never leaving a 10 square mile city and only traveling from like city to like city. But, this leaves a lot of traveling opportunities off the table not to mention becoming an obnoxious pest when you need to get some where mass transit doesn't go (not to mention emergencies!). Can AT stop being so preachy and tree hugging?!

Grow up and learn to drive already!

A New Home Means New Skills:
Learning To Drive (Reluctantly)

8/26/13 04:31 PM

I'm working on the earlier vs later potty training model. I just started with my 14 month old twins, hoping to be done by 18 months-2 yrs latest. I primarily let them have a few hours of naked time and offer the potty frequently or after they go. It's like having puppies, haha. We read potty books and model the behavior. All positive with praise and clapping, nothing forced.

Waiting until after 2 seems to be a recent phenomona. Older generations were not as willing to let it go so long (ask grandma). I think the disposable diaper has made it so convenienent to wait until the child can train themself. Washing diapers out gives a different perspective, lol.

Readers' Best Potty Training Advice & Tips Reader Intelligence Report
7/31/13 10:34 PM

Very cute! I'm curious about clothes storage. If the closet is a "drawing room" is there another space for shoes and clothes?

Katie's Eccentric Charm Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:46 AM

I use the Woombie for my twins and love it. I started with blankets and then the Summer swaddle pod when they became more active (and I became more paranoid). When they outgrew those, I looked for something similar and the Woombie won. I have the convertible Woombie, it allows for either arms in or arms out for when the baby can roll over, like mine. It was great having both options, my son was struggling to transition to self soothing so I put his arms in if he was really fussy!

I don't think my 6 month olds really need to be swaddled any more, I use it more as a safe blanket to keep them comfortable. It is light weight, like a jersey knit sheet which is great for our Florida weather. I agree that the neck opening is a bit small, I usually leave mine open with the zipper pulled only chest high now that the babies have their arms free.

Effective swaddling really helped me keep my sanity with two babies, I highly recommend giving it a try!

The Woombie: A Better Way to Swaddle? Test Lab Review
10/26/12 07:58 PM

I don't think there could ever be a replacement of teachers by computers. That said, I think there are some fantastic uses for tablets in the classroom and home to help the student. If the right software is installed, lessons could be studied at an individual's pace rather than the whole class going at just one speed.

Imagine not having kids bored to tears while listening to the teacher drone on for the 10th time because she's trying to reach the slower learners. Or taking a quiz that can target your weak areas of understanding and create a review to study before moving on.

If the material can be tailored to the individual or the child has a choice in learning style, that can only enhance their classroom experience. In theory the teacher may have more time to work one on one or small groups with those that need the extra help.

I would've been thrilled to learn at my own pace, play learning games, get instant feedback, etc. If done correctly, tablets could be a great teaching aid!

Is Your Home Tablet Your Child's Next School Teacher?
10/8/12 08:03 PM