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Yes, it's actually quite thick - thicker than other brands of non-recycled aluminum foil that I've used. I like it and would purchase it again.

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10/20/09 08:28 AM

Freecycle them. I actually have a large jug of 1/2 empty "Tide with bleach" liquid laundry detergent on my front porch waiting for a freecycler to come pick it up this evening. We didn't like the smell of it, but it's still useable. Just be sure to fully disclose what you have to offer and even if it's been used, people will come and get it.

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9/3/09 01:35 PM

A sandbox might be fun. We just built an easy one for our son out of cedar, sort of like a raised plant bed and then filled it with sand. Also, a fountain or rain barrel would be great for the kids to use to make mud pies in the sand box. Another idea might be some sort of bird feeder that the kids could keep filled... I've seen these at craft stores that can be painted by the kids...

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6/1/09 02:33 PM

thanks to everyone for the nice comments!

some info on how we made the tree... aside from the electrical it was not hard. and the idea comes from the beautiful inke tree decal that we could not afford. the trunk is paint and the leaves are different wrapping papers that we laminated and used poster putty to mount to the wall. the leaves can be easily removed and the trunk painted over as the room evolves and its little resident grows up. the bird house is just a cheapy wooden one from a craft store that we mounted to the wall (ran electrical from the switch below) and installed a toggle switch on the birdhouse to turn the light on and off.

as to the bathtub, yes it's a japanese soaking tub, and it was the solution to our bathroom remodel that allowed us to have a shower and bathtub in a small space that needed to function as a master bath. we found it on the internet, there are many different kinds you will find if you google them.

as to the choice of 10 pictures, we did shoot some of our family room and fireplace, but they came out blurry - this was the first time we've shot photos without flash and didn't have a tripod. we learned that it's a much longer exposure and you have to hold the camera REALLY still. So the non-blurry photos are what you see. Thanks again everyone - we're really enjoying seeing all of the beautiful homes!

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10/10/08 07:10 AM