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How nice to see Paulus de boskabouter.... :)

Rafael's Sweet & Simple Nursery Nursery Tour
3/9/14 06:15 PM

I have had my Billies for years and they hold up perfectly. I even 'inherited' one that belonged to my grandfather and was bought in the eighties. Still perfect. But I do agree with what some of you have already mentioned: all depends on how well you put things together.

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12/18/13 07:09 AM

What a nice post! My husband and I decided to keep one of the Cristmas days to ourselves: we cuddle up on the couch, light all our candles, eat something nice but easy to make (preferably a soup) and watch the christmas episode of one of our favourite series. Just a nice and quiet evening amidst of all the christmas frenzy (which, by the way, I absolutely love). Before, I tried to cook a wonderful dinner for just the two of us, but it only got me stressed out. Now, we have this super simple but wonderful christmas night. Perfect new tradition.

How To Start Making Your Own Holiday Traditions Right Now (Even if You're Disorganized, Not-So-Grownup or a Scrooge)
12/16/13 05:10 PM

The main thing that struck me in your text is that you seem to feel uncomfortable by the idea something might change in the way you choose to live your life. Rather than focusing on whether that is going to happen when you move in together, it may help you to think about what you could gain when things change. Perhaps there are many fun things to explore that you had never thought about. Holding on to what you have is the safe option, but think about the possibilities when you let go!

Did You Change Your Schedules When You Moved In Together?
11/2/13 06:41 AM

Even though I wouldn't think I need advice on this topic - I just fiddle around with stuff until it looks nice - I actually found some of your tips very useful. It's nice to see the various options presented so you can compare. Thanks!

Fireplace Decorating Ideas: Easy Steps to a Beautiful Holiday Mantel
11/2/13 06:01 AM


Tara's Before & After Photos: The Jewel Box Glimmers Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/30/13 03:53 AM


Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/7/13 04:26 PM

Loving white walls!

Renters' Inspiration: Gorgeous Rooms with White Walls From Our Tours
3/27/13 04:50 PM

White walls yeeeeeah!

One Minute Tip: An Ode to White Walls Apartment Therapy Videos
3/5/13 07:17 AM

Yes, I was taught to do so.

French Etiquette: Take the Salt off the Table!
2/28/13 08:14 AM

Even though I dropped out half-way, I am really pleased with everything I did this month. Thanks for the inspiration! It has been really helpful making a list of thing I want to do, because it made me focus on what I want my home to be like, ideally... I wrote down things that I never thought about before, things that aren't causing major problems but that - once changed - actually make a big impact on my day to day life. And the outbox is genius. I'll keep it! Hopefully you'll have another Cure coming up, somewhere in spring. Maybe a short one about spring cleaning?

Day 23: Weekend Chores - Pat Yourself on the Back, Relax & Celebrate! Apartment Therapy January Cure
2/1/13 04:19 PM

I don't think your hallway is as narrow as could be, and the fact that it opens up after a few meters actually makes it look quite spacious. I think the main thing you should do is work on the lighting. Your hallway now has a 'light at the end of the tunnel'-effect, if you get what I mean. The eye is directed towards the kitchen. So put some nice lighting in the beginning of the hallway. Then, I would put a big mirror right above the bikes/opposite the door on the right. It will reflect the light from that room when the door is open. If possible, I would also paint the woodwork on the right door, since it looks a little scratchy and therefore not so inviting (and after all, that's what you said you were after). And I noticed the little cabinet next to the front door: maybe put some flowers on there, and some family photo's on the wall above? The best would be to put your bikes somewhere else, but I assume that's not possible. Good luck!

Add Interest to Long Narrow Hallway without Feeling Claustrophobic? Good Questions
1/31/13 11:02 AM

Funny how the Ocelot pattern looks like a floral pattern when put on a large wall!

Apartment Therapy at the Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Preview NYC - January 2013
1/29/13 09:44 AM

I forgot to add that painting it on the wall means it's also more comfortable to sit against than the metal version Hannah seems to have.

Where To Find Floating Headboard from Girls? Good Questions
1/29/13 09:43 AM

I agree with Sasha B.: this is probably not something that's meant as a headboard (but it does look great). You could also paint the pattern on your wall!

Where To Find Floating Headboard from Girls? Good Questions
1/29/13 09:40 AM

This just sounds like a luxury problem...

It's the Little Things:
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1/27/13 03:36 PM

If your kids love music, why not try some music classes? There's nothing like doing it yourself!

My 2013 Resolution: More Music at Home
1/15/13 09:57 AM

Funny how some people feel this room looks cluttered or too full. Not to me :) If there's one thing I learnt from AT, it's that tastes can be very, very different. I've seen a number of house tours that I absolutely disliked, and that so many people seemed to love. What can I say? I hope everyone is happy in their own home!

3 Ways To Keep A Room From Feeling Flat
1/12/13 03:12 PM

The thought of not opening your windows but using a spray doesn't sound very appealing to me... Rooms that are damp are also more difficult to heat up, so I always open my windows in the morning, if only for 10 minutes. It's easier to heat them up afterwards.

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1/11/13 10:09 AM

Oh no... This task covers a number of tasks I had put on my list - not sure I can do all of them in one weekend. But I'll give it a try, and I'm glad the floor was mopped last weekend!

Day 8: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning & Make Yourself a Meal Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/11/13 10:05 AM