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//"Diogene... named after the Greek goddess who rejected luxury and lived in a barrel."//

The luxury-rejecting, barrel-living Diogene was a Greek philosopher, not a Greek goddess.

Renzo Piano Unveils Micro Home Design News 06.14.13
6/14/13 12:15 PM

I have white parquet floors in my kitchen - bleached with "white lye" made by a Danish company and sealed with something called "master oil." When I bought my apartment, one of the first things I did was rip out the crappy old linoleum from the kitchen floor to reveal the original wood floor of the building (and don't even start with me about asbestos - I had cut out small samples and had them tested)), sanded the floor and refinished it.

I absolutely adore the result. The wood grain still shows through - in sorta grayish streaks - I personally think that adds to the beauty, and since the floor isn't a uniform shiny white, it's very forgiving to specks and spills.

@B from Stockholm: Funny that you should mention rugs - as it happens, I also have a small rug next to my stove and sink. (A sort of light graying one that I bought for just a few bucks at IKEA a few years back and couldn't find a place for... but it works beautifully in the new kitchen). And, yes, wearing shoes indoor is my pet peeve, just the thought of it makes me shudder.))

Have to say, though, that dark floors in some of the pictures look terrific, too.

On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light
11/5/12 06:42 PM